Venezuela’s Success Of Bolivarian Socialism – 5 Million Flee The Country

Just in case any have any doubts about how successful modern day socialism is or will be the case of Venezuela is instructive. The Bolivarian socialists decided to stick it to the man, overthrow capitalism and the tyranny of the market economy. At which point up to 5 million of the population have fled.

Do recall this is the system that was praised by Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones and all points lefty:

More than 5m set to flee Venezuela by end of this year

OK, that’s a prediction:

The exodus has accelerated dramatically over the past three years as shortages of food, water and fuel grip Venezuela, a once wealthy oil-exporting nation which has been reduced to destitution by economic mismanagement under the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro.

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Claims And Truth About Trump’s America And Trans Asylum Seekers

It must be difficult to be so outraged at Trump’s America that you’re unable to keep the accusations straight. I mean sure, Trump’s America – Orange Man Bad, we all know that.

But take this on the subject on the treatment of trans asylum seekers. Carrie Bradshaw tells us that they’re jailed merely on the basis of their sexuality:

This is the same administration that imprisons immigrants on the basis of their sexual orientation

In terms of immigration they’re not even allowed to ask about sexuality.…

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Hate Crimes And Racial Motivations – Let’s Drop The Whole Concept

That someone should do bird because they’ve beaten up someone for being Muslim, or gay, or perhaps a darkie, seems reasonable enough. But what is it that should lead to the prison time? The beating administered or the motive for its delivery? The modern day says that the motive matters, the past that it’s the fists. The past had this right here.

A 16-year-old schoolboy has been given a police caution after he was caught on mobile phone footage attacking a 15-year-old Syrian refugee at a school.

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