NEF’s Idiot Plans To Solve The Housing Problem

There’s a reason why New Economics Foundation stands for Not Economics Frankly. That reason on display here with the plan for reforming the housing market.

New figures released on Wednesday confirmed what we already knew: homeownership is becoming increasingly out of reach for young people. A survey by Santander found 70% of 18- to 34-year-olds now believe that homeownership is over for their generation. Our housing system has been allowed to degenerate to such an extent that secure and affordable housing is increasingly unavailable to working-class people, and in many places middle-class people too.

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Because Sadiq Khan Is An Economic Illiterate

Sadiq Khan’s new housing proposal for London includes this passage:

Why rent control?

Because Sadiq Khan is, as my colleagues at the Adam Smith Institute have already pointed out, an “economic illiterate”.

For the reasons set out earlier in this paper, the Mayor believes that rent control has a key role
to play in improving the affordability of housing in the capital, as part of a package that
includes increasing the supply of social housing and rethinking welfare reform.

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Sadiq Khan Wants The Power To Bomb London

Sadiq Khan is indeed different from certain of his coreligionists, he doesn’t want to subject London to actual and real bang-bang bombing. He just wants to have as close as possible the same effect upon the housing of The Great Wen.

Sadiq Khan calls for new powers to impose London rent controls


As standard economic theory states, as near all economists agree:

I include a table of propositions to which most economists subscribe, based on various polls of the profession.

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As Paul Krugman Says – New York Just Screwed Tenants And Renters Across The State

Or perhaps we should say as Paul Krugman said back when it was Good Krugman – the economist – writing the columns. For New York State has just significantly strengthened rent control laws in New York City and some suburbs, where they currently apply, and allowed other cities across the state to enact similar measures. The problem with this being that the world’s not a static place – if it were then rent control might have a chance of working.…

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