The Joy Of Pendantry – Rod Liddle Version


In a touching display of loyalty to her leader, Forbes utilised Jeremy Corbyn’s usual excuse when he has been caught doing anti-semitic stuff, ie, insisted that she was as dense as a block of enriched uranium and very sorry to boot — “Didn’t understand, must learn, oooh how silly I’ve been.”

Yes, we can see, “enriched uranium” sounds so much more, well, more, than “uranium”. Except enriched uranium is actually less dense than natural or unenriched uranium:

Many contemporary uses of uranium exploit its unique nuclear properties.

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Rod Liddle’s Heinous Hate Crime

The world is obviously free of anything important for the police to do – you know, arresting old age pensioners who kill off burglars and the like – for they’ve time to investigate Rod Liddle for a hate crime. An entirely heinous one of course, being beastly to the Welsh. To be honest I have some sympathy with the idea that we should stop people being beastly to them, they do after all already labour under the distinct disadvantage of being Welsh, in Wales of all places.…

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