To Explain Homelessness To Poppy Noor

This shouldn’t need doing as Poppy Noor does in fact have the background and knowledge here. It’s rather that she chooses not to use it instead of her actually not knowing.

Why do we have so many homeless in Britain? By which we both mean rough sleepers, not those Shelter talks about, those who have housing that’s not quite up to scratch. Why those four to eight thousand sorta numbers sleeping outside on any one night?…

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Complete Nonsense From Shelter – Britain Does Not Have 320,000 Homeless

Shelter has a very annoying indeed habit of claiming vast numbers – 320,000 today – of homeless people when in fact this is the number of people that we’ve saved from being homeless through the useful trick of having a welfare state. The correct response to this sort of lie is for us to be shouting “Bulls**t!” at the top of our voices until Shelter changes its ways and starts reporting upon reality. Not that they will however loudly we scream for they’re a charity which gains funding from the fact that there is indeed homelessness.…

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Why Spend £100 Million On Dealing With Rough Sleeping?

As is usual, a Minister gets to spend our money on his little bugbear. That’s why people go into politics after all, to spend our money on the things they’re too mean to spend their own cash upon. The current plan being to spend some £100 million on curing rough sleeping. This probably shouldn’t be done:

He began the year not knowing whether he had a future, let alone one in politics. In January, James Brokenshire left his cabinet post as Northern Ireland secretary after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Britain Doesn’t Have Tens Of Thousands Of Rough Sleepers, That’s A Lie

There are indeed people in Britain who are homeless. There are people who sleep rough. There are those in shelters, in bed and breakfast accommodation, sofa surfing and all the rest. However, there’s a deliberate manipulation of the statistics that goes on here. We get told of half a million and more “homeless” and that’s the number of those not in housing as good as those doing the counting think the housing should be. Near all of these are still under a roof at night.…

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