Venezuelan Socialism – So Excellent It’s Ruining The Country Next Door, Brazil

That the bright ideas of socialists don’t always make a place better is something that the great experiment of the 20th century tells us. All we actually needed to do was look east from the Brandenburg Gate in 1989 to work that one out. But there’s something about the Teenage Trots, that they need to have the contention constantly re-proven rather than accepting the basic wisdoms of history. Which is why we need to keep waving those more modern proofs in their faces before they get to make these same improvements to our own lives.…

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George Monbiot Proves The Impossibility Of Socialism And Planning

Of course George Monbiot hasn’t proven that people cannot attempt socialism and planning, he’s just shown, rather neatly, why such won’t work. Yes, he’s talking about climate change but the points stand for the larger question about how to deal with the economy, how to run the world:

Public figures talk and act as if environmental change will be linear and gradual. But the Earth’s systems are highly complex, and complex systems do not respond to pressure in linear ways.

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It’s Possible To Make A Deal About This Racist, Oppressive, History Of The British Empire

The implication of this following piece is that the British Empire was nothing but racism and oppression, the history of which should be taught only in the starkest terms. There are no mitigating circumstances, it was all just terrible and we’ve got to insist upon that.

At which point an observation. Every nation, culture, which has had the ability to dominate the neighbours has done so. This was true of the Aztecs, Incas, Bantu, Mongols and all the rest, not just White – actually pinkish – Europeans over the millennia.

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The CEA Gets The Nordics Right – They’re Not Socialist At All

The Guardian’s getting a little antsy about a new report from the Council of Economic Advisers. One which says that socialism isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. This would annoy The G as a substantial number of people who read and write that newspaper are actual, proper, socialists. However, the paper is aimed at the Americans and their current flirtation with what they think is socialism. Which isn’t – they’re all talking about social democracy.…

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Congratulations To Socialism – Venezuela’s Inflation Half A Million Percent, To Rise Another Million

For a socio-economic system which has never actually managed to work anywhere it has been imposed socialism still manages to gain an awful lot of adherents. Perhaps people are misreading that definition of lunacy – it’s not that you should keep doing it, it’s that expecting a different result is the lunacy.

Do note something important here, Voluntary socialism works just fine. All human families work this way for example, from according to ability, to according to need.…

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To Re-Examine Mark Weisbrot’s Predictions About Venezuela’s Bolivarian Socialism

One of the joys of this here internet age is that we’ve got, laid out before us in easily accesible archives, the predictions of those who would either rule us or tell us what public policy should be. Mark Weisbrot being one of these over in the United States. A constant advocate of every trendy left wing idea going. Insistent that there will never be any bad effects from such actions.

This isn’t, if we’re going to be picky about it, quite what does actually happen.…

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Congratulations to Bolivarian Socialism – Venezuela’s 60 Fold Increase In Minimum Wage To $30 A Month

We should indeed praise the success of Bolivarian Socialism in Venezuela. For they’ve been able to announce a 60 fold increase in the minimum wage. Isn’t that a massive boost to the fight against inequality, a proof that this state control of the economy raises the living standards of the poor? No, truly, we’re told, repeatedly, that raising the minimum wage is a necessary and important part of that fight against the drear circumstances facing the poor.…

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Good Question In The Guardian – What About Those 100 Million Deaths?

An entirely reasonable and sensible question from Martin Kettle in The Guardian:

A century on, why are we forgetting the deaths of 100 million?
Martin Kettle

Quite so, quite so.

The 1918 Spanish flu outbreak killed more people than both world wars. Don’t imagine such a thing could never happen again

Ah, it’s not about the 100 million killed by socialism as a warning to not do it again.

I wonder why not?

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Was Venezuela Real Socialism?

The latest reports from oil-rich Venezuela have their official rate of inflation approaching 10,000%.

People are struggling to survive, capital controls are in place, people who can flee the country are doing so – serious violent crime is escalating in volume and severity.

The leader and his lackeys have rewritten the Constitution and he now wields dictatorial powers.

Starving people are eating zoo animals, if some of the more extreme reports are to be believed.

However, the Left claims that this isn’t REAL socialism.…

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