The Emotional Support Dog Who Mauled Another Passenger – Well, That’s Emotional Support, Isn’t It?

The idea that people should be able to take their emotional support animals – otherwise known to normal people as pets – anywhere they damn well like was always an odd one. Where there’s a distinct physical necessity then sure, why not, guide dogs for the blind etc. But an emotional support horse on a plane? No, don’t laugh, someone tried it.

Then we also get stories like this:

A man who was allegedly attacked by an emotional support dog on a Delta Airlines flight has filed a lawsuit against the airline and the owner of the animal.

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Migrants, Those Without Constitutional Rights, Sue Over Their Constitutional Rights

This is showing a remarkable lack of knowledge about how the world works – the migrants in that caravan wending its way through Mexico are suing the Trump Administration over their constitutional rights. The thing being that if you’re outside the US and aren’t a US citizen then you actually have remarkably few constitutional rights. That being the way with constitutions, they apply to the place and people of the sovereign land, not the world.

Of course, it’s more accurate to state that a few likely looking public agitators – hell why not be rude and call them what they are, lawyers – are floating a Hail Mary legal dodgem just in advance of the elections.…

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