That Laffer Curve Thing – GP Closures Driven By GP Pensions Changes

So, The Guardian tells us that GP surgeries are closing across the country. In fact, there’s been a surge of such in the past couple of years. Gee, why could that be?

GPs have blamed under-resourcing and recruitment difficulties as surgery closures across the UK reach an all-time high, affecting an estimated half a million patients last year. According to research by the medical website Pulse, 138 surgeries shut their doors in 2018, compared with just 18 in 2013.

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Sure, Why Not Nationalise GP Surgeries Into The NHS?

That a Labour MP wants to nationalise more of the British health care system shouldn’t come as a surprise. All within the state, nothing outside it, the impetus for the National Health Service is indeed Mussolini’s fascism brought to post-war life again. And we should let him do this too. As long as we force him to stick to one of the promises he’s making:

But it isn’t perfect. As data published this week shows, patient demand for general practice services is increasing while the number of GPs is actually falling – according to the survey, one in 10 GPs are in contact with 60 or more patients a day, which is double the safe limit.

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