The NHS Took 71 Years To Realise Women Have Periods

The National Health Service is, of course, a crowning glory of our silver girt and sceptered isle. A Wonder of the World so fabulous that no one has decided to copy it, everyone else gaining better health care through other methods and organisations. A good example of why being that it has taken the NHS 71 years to realise that women have periods.

OK, to be fair about this, not all women do in these transphobic times – transphobia often being defined as that insistence that not all who call themselves women do.…

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VAT On E-Books Is As With Tampons – The EU Won’t Let Us Lift It

It would appear that the Publishers’ Association is ignorant of the manner in which the world works. Specifically, ignorant of the manner in which value added tax is a European Union imposed tax – even though the local nation collects the revenue – and the rules upon what is taxed and how being made at that higher level of sovereignty.

Children could be less likely to take up reading as a result of an “unfair and illogical” tax on digital books, publishers have said.

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Reasons For Brexit – India Dumps Tampon Tax, Britain Can’t

A minor but nonetheless real argument in favour of Brexit, the UK leaving the European Union. India ha just decided to lift the GST – that is, VAT – on tampons. Any and every British political party would do entirely the same. But they can’t, because the EU say no.

Yes, quite so, India is a sovereign nation, Britain not. That sounding like a pretty good reason to leave and be sovereign again:

India has scrapped its 12% tax on all sanitary products following months of campaigning by activists.

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