As We’ve Been Saying, We Should Subsidise Vaping

The big question about vaping from a public health perspective is whether it reduces health problems or increases them? The more basic civil liberty point, that people should be able to ingest as they please, is true but already rather lost unfortunately.

So, is vaping a substitute for smoking? People vape instead of smoking that is? Or is it a complement to smoking. People do both, doing the one increasing the rate or likelihood of the other?…

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Vaping’s A Good Thing, Perhaps We Should Subsidise it?

There’s a basic problem we’ve got with this idea that we can rule the world, force it into our desired shape. Which is that we’re in a second best world. Plans don’t necessarily work out, people are ‘ornery and just won’t damn well do what they’re told. It’s, well, it’s a second best world:

It’s important to understand that we live in a second best world. As a grand idea sure, if every government made exactly the right decision at exactly the right time then life would be better.

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A Strange, Even Racist, Abegnation Of Freedom – FDA To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

This is a strange denial of freedom, the Federal Drug Administration is to seek to ban all menthol cigarettes. We could even describe this as distinctly racist – for there’s a certain racial divide in who enjoys menthol flavoured cigarettes and this will have a disproportionate effect upon the melanin enriched. A very odd thing to be doing in this day and age:

The Food and Drug Administration announced two major attacks on the tobacco industry Thursday, saying it will start the process to ban menthol in cigarettes and strictly limit sales of flavored e-cigarettes to youths.

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Low Nicotine Cigarettes And Faulty Logic – They’ll Kill More People, Not Fewer

A useful little trick in trying to improve the world is to understand why something is happening before attempting to change that world. Our response to little old ladies falling over and breaking their hips is going to be different dependent upon our analysis of whether it’s gravity or that the world sucks. If we’re to deal with the opioid crisis we need to know whether it’s clean prescription pills killing people or the lack of them.…

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