Lizzie Warren’s Lying – She’ll Need A Middle Class Tax Rise

We really should call out lies when we see them. Yea even when talking about political promises made on the electoral stump. Isn’t this what we’re told Facebook is to be castigated for, allowing people to say untrue things in political advertising?

So, thus, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s tale that she can finance Medicare for All without a middle class tax rise cannot be advertised, can it? For it is untrue.

The intrusion of reality into the claim being that wealth is a stock.…

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Sure,Trump Proposed at 14.25% Wealth Tax – Because Trump Knows About Taxing Wealth

Donald Trump did indeed propose a 14.25% wealth tax for the United States – this being proof that Donald Trump actually knows something about the taxation of wealth. As opposed, say, to Matt Yglesias.

The important point about Trump’s wealth tax being that it accords with standard economic theory, in that it would be once and it would be unexpected. Which is why the IMF has flirted with the idea – but the point is again that such a tax must be once and it must be unexpected.…

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Memo For Elizabeth Warren – Wealth Taxes Don’t Work, Sorry, They Don’t

Egged on by Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman it seems that Elizabeth Warren is proposing an annual wealth tax on the richest Americans. The response to which is that wealth taxes don’t actually work. As the two Frenchmen proposing it should know, given that France has a wealth tax and it doesn’t in fact work. That it doesn’t work is why the standard economics of taxation says that we shouldn’t be trying to tax wealth. In fact, there are perfectly good analyses of this sort of taxation which insist that even the taxation rate of the income from wealth should be zero.…

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