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All Mouth No Trousers On Tax

Let’s do a sanity check on taxpaying.

People on the Right of the political spectrum tend to believe in small government and low taxes, and although they mostly pay what they legally owe (being polite law-abiding types for the most part) they tend to be quite determined about not paying any more than that.

In this regard, their behaviour matches their rhetoric – they say they want small government and so they only pay enough to fund the smallest government they can.

People on the Left………………are a bit less consistent.

They tend to believe in bigger government and higher taxes, and are often quite vocal about how profoundly they believe in them, but HMRC are notably failing to report large number of Lefties ever paying lots of extra taxes – they say they want bigger government but are strangely also only paying enough to fund the smallest government they can.

In fact, there has even been some embarrassing stories of prominent Lefties using every trick in the book to avoid paying even what they owe by law.


Well, those on the Left argue that it will only really help our society if everyone pays higher taxes, but that’s obviously not true – every penny counts. An extra £100 donated to your local council may not solve poverty at a stroke, but as your local council will tell you it will pay for a homeless person to be homed for a couple of nights. Or for a new pen.

So that’s a puzzle – Lefties surely admit that every penny counts? They tell us that it’s a moral act to pay more taxes and that everyone should do it, and that the State spends our money wisely and in a moral manner, yet they seemingly refuse to cough up………….until everyone does?

Perhaps it’s too difficult or unrewarding to just write a cheque to their local council to alleviate poverty and suffering in their home town? Or perhaps they live in nice big houses in wealthy areas where there is no local suffering, and they are uncertain where the extra money should be sent?

No, I think they just want the State to keep incompetently trying to solve poverty and are trying to get everyone to pay for that bumbling effort, so that the financial burden of their misguided moral crusade can be shared by the rest of the taxpaying population – even those who oppose bigger government and the poor themselves!

In this regard, the Lefties are doubly dishonest – refusing to support their own cause unless every penny they pay will be matched by several pennies stolen from those who oppose it or cannot afford it.

Of course they will sometimes fall back on their secondary argument, that it’s not FAIR to expect them to pay for more and more incompetent bumbling by the State, unless everyone else is forced to pay for it too.

Whereas the rest of us might argue that it’s not FAIR that we have to pay more to fund the government incompetence that Lefties love so much, especially if they are unwilling to even get the ball rolling?

Of course we must hold ourselves to the same standards – if we will insist they must pay more for their vision of the world, then surely we must promise to pay as little as possible, in pursuit of ours?

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Mr Ecks
Mr Ecks
6 years ago

That the Left are hypocritical scum who care NOTHING whatsoever for any of their client groups. The clients are just leverage to be used by the leftscum in sanctimonious virtue-signalling and attempts at guilt induction in others. The left themselves suffer from no guilt of any kind. How could they? If you can function without even a thought for the 150 million already butchered by your vile cause, and still be planning for more to go the same way, guilt is not a word in your dictionary. Also missing are decency, humanity and compassion. My new authentication phrase : Murphy… Read more »

6 years ago

Very liberal Massachusetts achieved a ballot referendum lowering the rate of state income tax. (This year, it is back to normal and will ballot an amendment to the state constitution to permit multiple tax brackets.) The implementation of the first referendum included a check-box on the tax form for taxpayers who wanted to continue improving society by paying at the old, higher rate. Over the years, only a handful have done so, some of them deceased, and the great equalizers like Elizabeth Warren and the Kennedys are not among them. John Kerry in fact bought and parked his most recent… Read more »

John B
John B
6 years ago

‘Well, those on the Left argue that it will only really help our society if everyone pays higher taxes…’

I think not. I only hear the Left arguing that ‘the rich’ or ‘the better-off’ should pay more… or fair share in Loonie-Leftie vernacular.

When the Left want anything done, they mean it will be done with other people’s money. The Left are management and supervisory, not shop floor when it comes to doing and paying.

Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
6 years ago

Someone help me with this one. If poverty, homelessness, obesity and all are so undesirable, so awful, why don’t they just make them illegal instead of enabling them all the bloody time?

6 years ago

Rhoda, Gordon Brown was going to make obesity illegal in much the same way that Jeremy Corbyn will make being rich illegal. Similarly, when Mr Corbyn was asked for his definition of rich he said “Someone who earns a bit more than me”. Gordon weighed himself, declared that being fatter than that would be a crime, then realised that there was no point in making such a small number of people illegal.

Jeremy, of course, will have much more fun.

6 years ago

You miss the point. Leftism is about spending somebody else’s money, not your own.

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