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Surviving The Attempt

By the time we became aware those working for the EU were trying to enslave us, they had already spread into millions of positions of influence across the planet.

Bureaucrats in political parties, banking, schools, the judiciary; everywhere.

They were progressives, embedded in our institutions.

There was no one person in charge; there was no-one to deselect.

The attack began in 2016, just as he said it would.

Brexit, the day Britain was almost saved by the voters who desperately tried to protect our national sovereignty.

We should have realised it was never our destiny to leave the EU, it was merely to survive the attempt, together.

And to reveal the EU as the monsters they are.

Nigel Farage knew; he tried to tell us, but we didn’t want to hear it.

Maybe the future has been written. I don’t know; all I know is what Farage taught me; never stop fighting the EU.

And I never will.

The battle has just begun.

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