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Brexit Kayfabe IV – Bribefest


That’s how many MPs claim to be willing to vote against Chequers.

My arse.

In reality, there might be thirty who will eventually vote against it.

Why do I think that?

Well, because the EU spent two years planning this moment, and they are known to like bribery and blackmail.

And Treason May was their handpicked insider, determined to hand over Britain to her paymasters by wrecking Brexit.

And because for the last six months since Chequers emerged, she has handed over all that remained on the table that the EU desire – she has truly “given away the farm”.

All the obstacles that appeared to be blocking Chequers have now all magically evaporated, enabling the EU to wave Chequers through in under an hour.

It was always a formality, as they wrote it.

They probably spent that time with their feet up on the table idly chatting until someone looked at their watch and suggested “an hour is probably enough – let’s call it a day”

All the obstacles to Chequers were phantoms, just designed to make us want Chequers.

Don’t want a second referendum? Better vote for Chequers.
Don’t want to crash out with no deal? Better vote for Chequers.
Don’t want a problem with Northern Ireland?
Don’t want to run out of food?
Don’t want to run out of medicine?
Don’t want to be banned from visiting Europe?
Don’t want your dogs to be banned from the mainland?
Don’t want to lose fish and chips?
Don’t want the Spanish having Gibraltar?

Don’t want to run out of drinking water?


Better vote for Chequers.


They clearly just started with a list of things they thought the British people cared about or could not live without, and are working their way down it – inventing threats to those things that they believed we held dear.

So, what now?

To Parliament, and the subject of this piece.

How many of the 91 are merely pretending to be willing to vote against Chequers in order to elicit a bribe?

Most of them.

By the time the vote comes around, the number of those willing to actually vote against will have dwindled to those that actually care – the DUP, some of the ERG and a handful of Labour stalwarts (oh and the Labour leadership, who prefer that THEY are the nomenklatura of any future communist Britain, not Brussels)

At least twenty, but probably not more than forty in total.

Because the EU and the British establishment have deep pockets, and trinkets galore – they will use both.

I’m sure we’ll get to know about some of it, as the true Brexiteers will battle to get the bribery and blackmail disinfected by sunlight, but largely they will fail – the British establishment has had a firm grasp on the media since the Brexit vote, so any embarrassing stories that do emerge will soon vanish down the memory hole

Until the last thirty or so remain – principled people (at least on this particular issue) who can neither be bribed or blackmailed to stand aside or switch their vote.

The only question, the ONLY question, is whether there are enough europhile MPs in other parties to vote Aye and get Chequers through. To negate those thirty Nays.

Expect at least a score of Labour MPs to vote Aye for Chequers.

If they offered a second referendum on Scottish independence, how many SNP Ayes could the EU buy?

Remember, we are only talking about europhile MPs willing to take the EU’s silver to vote for a deal that their own government is representing as the best for the country.

And there it is right there – “what’s best for the country”

It’s not exactly a difficult sell for them, is it?

So that will be the refrain from all these turncoats – “Country before party”

You’ll hear that a lot in the mainstream media over the next few weeks.

Probably accompanied by phrases like “People are tired of Brexit and just want a deal” and “This is the best deal we could get” and “There is no support for a hard Brexit”

The fix is in, and unless a true Brexiteer can step up and stop this, the media will be telling us all in a few weeks about what a surprise it was that Chequers passed.

No doubt Treason May has negotiated a nice little “hero package” for herself, where the EU have graciously allowed her to claim some of the credit for getting a deal done. Will they let her be called “The Iron Lady of Brexit” by their pet churnalists?

Probably not – she probably gave that away too, and will be made to stand at the back, barely seen, as the Brussels nomenklatura celebrate our Parliament signing Chequers – a deal that more closely resembles joining the EU than leaving it.

Unless something very dramatic happens in the next fortnight, the EU have won.

Britain was not a small castle – the enemy could not merely camp outside our walls and demand we vote again.

Britain was a giant fortress.

We had to be betrayed from within.

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Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
5 years ago

I keep thinking there’s some secret reason we just must stay in. Something big that nobody is supposed to know and when the time comes you are taken into a ssecret room and it’s revealed to you and it’s so awful that you vote the way they want and parrot the talking points and the rhetorical formulae designed to convince the wavering. I think I’d like to be told the secret reason.

And you’re saying it’s just money and baubles?

bloke in spain
bloke in spain
5 years ago
Reply to  Rhoda Klapp

“Whadyamean JUST money & baubles!” said the conniving, self-serving, greedy political non-entity.

Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

Hey, how can I get on this gravy train? I voted Leave, I’m open to some offer of personal benefit to make me consider my position.

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