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Brexit Kayfabe V – The Brussels Grotesques

Since my last piece on this subject, the EU and their pets who have burrowed like tics into our Institutions have locked down the vote – there is no longer any undramatic manner in which we might escape their clutches, whether our MPs vote for Chequers or against it.

Let’s see how they did it.

Their initial problem is that there are undoubtedly several dozen MPs who are so appalled by the open conspiracy to lock the UK into permanent EU membership that they cannot be bribed or blackmailed into voting for it.

And while the EU and their pet The Gypsum Lady are confident they will be able to muster enough votes regardless, they are clearly taking no chances.

So over the last fortnight, they have maneuvered to ensure that all roads lead to Brussels.

To summarise…

If our MPs vote FOR Chequers, we remain in the EU on those terms.
If our MPs vote AGAINST Chequers, we now either get a) Brexit on WTO terms or b) Article 50 is revoked and we remain in the EU.

Guess which one it will be.

It’s worth mentioning that until recently, the choices were Chequers or No Deal – remaining in the EU was never a possible outcome. But of course the EU is not satisfied that our MPs merely have the motive to betray us – they are determined to ensure they also have the means. So the EU have hastily agreed that the UK can unilaterally decide to revoke Article 50 (no risk of any of the 27 member states voting against that now), which tells you the EU is certain our Parliament is riddled with Remainiacs and can be trusted to choose to do so if offered the opportunity.

They even kindly offered an extension, so that anyone who was thinking of claiming there isn’t time to organise it has no ground on which to stand.

EU puppet Dominic Grieve then introduced the opportunity for the choice to be made by Parliament (where 600 of the 650 are Remainers or Abstainers), and we can be sure they will vote to overturn Article 50 if and when the time comes.

So the choice now being offered to Brexiteers is “Vote for Chequers or Parliament will revoke Article 50”

But the choice simultaneously being offered to Remainers is “Vote against Chequers and the UK might crash out of the EU without any deal at all”

See the neat trick being played here?

Brexiteers are being told to vote for Chequers or remain in the EU, and Remainers are being provided with the cover they need to justify voting for Chequers – they will be able to say to their constituents (many of whom are Remainers anyway) “I decided to put country before party and vote for Chequers, as the alternative was to crash out with no deal at all”

All these tactics encourage votes for Chequers, and all roads now lead to Brussels.

So Brexit will not happen, but don’t despair – the referendum was not without purpose.

Despite the best efforts of our media to convince us otherwise, a great many people now realise that the EU is an authoritarian political project, devised to trap the people of Europe inside a growing federal state that aspires to total power over 500 million people – the EUSSR is now apparent to all that are capable of discerning it.

We are governed by grotesques, and Brexit is illuminating their monstrosity.

And like all vampires, they won’t survive sunlight.

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5 years ago

Or you could argue that May has messed up her personal chance to be Proconsul for the British Province of the European Empire, even if we end up ‘Remaining’. Her handiwork has not been deft.

5 years ago
Reply to  discoveredjoys

Her epitaph will be “Piece of Crap in our Time.”

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