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Brexit Kayfabe VI – The Dramatic Chipmunk

It has been my contention for some time that the British establishment is in an open conspiracy with the EU to keep Britain trapped within it.

So here we are on the brink – the moment the EU and their pet Europhiles in the British establishment have been planning for a year or more.

Some might call it “The Reveal” – I prefer to think of it as “The Dramatic Chipmunk”*

*For those that don’t remember this early meme……

The British media have done their best to bring as much of the British public as they can to peak anxiety. There have been a few layers:

  • “We must agree Chequers (notice they have stopped calling it that?) or we will be worse off economically!!!”
  • “We must agree Chequers or we’ll need a second referendum!!!”
  • “We must agree Chequers or they’ll be no Brexit at all!!!”

All just reasons to vote for Chequers – everything you have seen in the media for the last six months, including all the nonsense about running out of medicine, sandwiches, water etc.

Project Fear is now fully in the open – every aspect of it revealed and in use.

Your MP is now under maximum pressure to Vote. For. Chequers.

But the final dramatic flourish is now imminent – they have made the alternatives sound as bad as they can, so it’s time to make Chequers sound a little sweeter.

The EU is about to go full dramatic chipmunk, and capitulate on the Irish border issue.

In reality, it was never a thing – it was a fake problem. A phantom. They never cared about the Irish border. It was only there so they could pretend to sacrifice something later.

To make us feel like we had won, and that refusing to sign their deal now would be wholly unreasonable. Because look how reasonable THEY have been.

This coming week, they will announce there has been a breakthrough – the EU and Theresa May will stand before a stupefied public and triumphantly announce they have agreed a deal. Theresa May cast as a hero. The EU cast as generous and kind friends, willing to bow and graciously accede to our demands, even if it means great sacrifice on their part.


That’s right – we are about to see a trick, played upon a people who have been lied to in a co-ordinated fashion by their own establishment, their own media, their own leaders, their own corporate business community, their own judiciary, their own unions, their own educational establishment.

So unless someone does something dramatic, we will get Chequers – the deal that at this meeting, Angela Merkel instructed Theresa May to deliver.

Bear in mind that Chequers is closer to joining the EU than leaving it – it binds us more closely and deeply to the EU’s institutions than we are today. It is a deal designed by the EU to ensure Britain remains their prisoner for the foreseeable future.

They could not end British euroscepticism with a referendum, so now they seek to kill it with paperwork. And Theresa May is their puppet, engineering it for them.

If they succeed, you are about to bear witness to a betrayal of the British people that future generations will speak of with disgust.

Pray that it fails.

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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

We must agree Chequers or they’ll be no Brexit at all!!!

That’s the one that’s really bizzaire. Brexit is the current status quo. To have something *other* that Brexit needs Parliament to get off their arses and chose and vote for something else. Persistantly *NOT* voting for anything ensures Brexit.

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