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Brexit Kayfabe VII – The Withdrawal Method

If it’s not clear to you by now that the British Establishment and the EU are involved in an open conspiracy to overturn the referendum result and trap us in the EU eternally, it never will be.

Their treacherous maneuverings no longer carry even a hint of propriety – the thick stench of collusion now hangs visibly in the air of SW1, and Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement has the same major flaw as the better-known and even less enjoyable Withdrawal Method.

It won’t involve withdrawal.

As I have said here for some time, we are on the brink here of a major betrayal – an act of national sabotage from within that is possibly unprecedented since appeasers led by Lord Halifax were thwarted by Churchill while considering war with Germany (they say history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes)

All the efforts being made in these final hours have one aim in mind – to further sour as many MPs as possible on the idea of reverting to WTO terms. To make that scenario sound hopelessly bitter and implausible, before the EU emerge from the shadows in a final act to make the Withdrawal Agreement sound slightly more credible. In truth, the EU and their pets have been merely looking to widen the imaginary gap between the pretended unpalatibility of WTO terms and the ephemeral delights of the Withdrawal Agreement, in the hope that if the gulf can be stretched wide enough, lots of stupefied or treasonous Remainer MPs will fall in.

Fifty Labour MPs to vote for the Withdrawal Agreement, to settle the Parliamentary maths in its favour.

In pursuit of this cause, the EU and their pets have been involved in two schemes running in parallel.

The first was run by the EU, and was merely about offering the worst deal to Remainers that they could, while staying narrowly better than WTO terms could eventually be portrayed.

And of course in order to get the Remainers to prefer that deal to those WTO terms, they could either make WTO terms sound worse (or impossible to achieve), or the deal sound better.

Or both.

So far, they have focused hard on making WTO terms sound worse – they have explained that it would mean economic disasters, or a second referendum, or even perhaps Article 50 revoked. It’s all bulls**t – just trying to make WTO terms sound variously like an impossible dream, a national disaster, and/or an extended period of confusion. If they thought we would have believed WTO terms might have caused earthquakes, they would have got Ken Clarke to tremulously soil himself in public about the consequences of Brexit on seismology research.

But this last week I think they climaxed – John Bercow’s shameless public collusion with a foreign power would be a hideous spectacle from any politician, but from such a preening nincompoop it really makes one gag.

So that’s probably the best they can do to make WTO terms sound unattainable, impossible, disastrous, calamitous – every single MP that was wavering about voting for Treason May’s horrific capitulation is probably now convinced to vote for it as the lesser of two evils.

Now comes the Dramatic Chipmunk I spoke of previously – WTO terms having been made sound as bad as is possible, it’s now time to make Chequers sound a little better.

Not that it will actually BE any better – the EU will simply remove the entirely invented Irish melodrama (either on the day of the vote, or in the three days after the rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement) and rely on their pet media in the UK to feverishly explain how generous and reasonable the EU have been to have “conceded”

But I expect Theresa May to delay it again – the vague letters from Tusk and Juncker failed to win enough MPs over, so we can expect another delayed vote, a removal of the Irish backstop in short order, and then headlines from the execrable churnalists of the British mainstream media like “Theresa May – the New Iron Lady of Europe” and “How the EU graciously made one final concession in the interest of getting a deal signed”

The gap-toothed Belgian bumpkin Guy Verhofstadt will gurn his way through a series of public announcements no doubt, pretending to be furious at the EU’s “excessive generosity”

The pressure will be poured on the few stalwart MPs who see the Withdrawal Agreement for what it is – a prisoner who has come to the end of his sentence merely being ushered from one cell to another instead of being freed – to wearily accept that WTO terms are not viable and vote dejectedly for the Withdrawal Agreement, which in reality keeps us trapped in the EU at their whim.

And as I have said – there are perhaps only forty who will resist. Sadly, the figure of 100 mentioned in the media included the sixty who faked reluctance in the hope they could elicit a bribe from the famously-corrupt EU establishment.

So the question is whether the EU and their pets have done enough – has six months of Project Fear convinced enough feeble and dazed parliamentarians that WTO terms are no good.

And if not, will the EU’s imminent “capitulation” put the final nail in the coffin?

My suspicion is that on the day of the vote, you will see some pretty crazy s**t.

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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

The one path remaining is Parliamentary stalemate. The current status quo – the law as currently on the statute books – is to leave with no deal. Parliament needs to legislate to change the status quo, whatever that change would be. If Parliament does nothing, the status quo remains – that is what status quo means. Some campaigners seem to believe – or they don’t, but are willing to try and propagandise – that stalemate means that the status quo would be overturned.

5 years ago

Will the famous British ability to muddle through save the UK this time? I used to say that it was neck and neck whether Caminski or Chamberlain was the UK’s worst PM in living memory, but in the last few weeks she’s drawn ahead.

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