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Holodeck Brexit

In the Star Trek TNG episode “Ship In A Bottle”, the fiendishly clever holographic antagonist Dr. Moriarty uses his genius to deduce he is trapped in a manufactured world and begins plotting his escape from it.

As he grows in confidence and awareness, his efforts begin to threaten the ship itself.

The crew, concerned that in his desperation to escape the confines of the holodeck he will destroy their vessel, hatch a clever plan to trick him.

They craft a second layer of manufactured reality, and allow him to “escape” into it, where he believes he is at last in the “real world”.

Believing he is now free to roam the galaxy, he ceases his attempts to escape his reality, and so his second manufactured reality becomes his new prison – one he is once again unaware surrounds him.

This is so like Brexit it’s freaky.

The EU are Remainers – they want Britain to remain in the EU.

Theresa May is a Remainer – the only one that stood for leadership of the Tory Party when the ham C3PO flounced away.

Philip Hammond is a Remainer.

Most of the Tory Party are Remainers.

Most of the Labour Party are Remainers.

The SNP – Remainers.

The Greens – Remainers.

The entire British civil service. The BBC. Most of our media. Our unions. Our judiciary. Our teachers. Our senior police officers. Our regulators. Our corporations.


They all want us to stay on the EU holodeck.

But because 17.4m British voters want so badly to escape their manufactured reality, the Remainers have decided to manufacture a second layer of it – another prison for the voters to inhabit, while believing themselves to be free.

Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement will improve over the next few days as the Remainers put the final touches on their illusion.

But make no mistake – we are being offered a Holodeck Brexit.

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Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan
5 years ago

A shit sandwich still doesn’t taste good with a dollop of sauce on it.

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