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The Central Bankers Ruining Brexit

There is a well-worn conspiracy theory that central bankers rule the world, and politicians are their puppets.

But I would ask why central bankers need politicians, when they can just get elected themselves?

Look at Theresa May and Philip Hammond, the two arch-Remainers the EU put in charge of Brexit.

Theresa May left Oxford in 1977 with a second-class degree in Geography and went to work where?

The Bank of England.

Philip Hammond left Cambridge with a first-class PPE degree that same year, and went to work where?

A medical equipment manufacturer.

Wait, what?

That right – he decided to take his degree in PPE and go to work for a medical equipment manufacturer.

The sort of medical equipment the World Bank needs someone to run into war-torn South American hellholes.

How Roperesque.

Of course once he had some experience in running medical equipment to war-torn hellholes on one continent………….

Up he pops in Malawi.

Perhaps he was there advising government workers on how to field-strip medical equipment.

So there you have it – two central bankers put in charge of Brexit by the EU, with a mandate to ensure it never happens.

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