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Caroline Lucas MP Buys a House

Caroline Lucas MP, the wingnut Green Party representative for Brighton Pavilion, has passed withering comment on the recent Brexit vote.

She has said accused Treason May of chasing “heated-up fantasies that have already been rejected by the EU.”

Assuming she owns her own home, this might cause one to imagine how Mrs Lucas negotiated for her property.

*dream sequence music*

Caroline – “I would like to offer £1.2m for this lovely property in Hampstead”
Estate Agent – “Thank you. I shall take your offer to my client.”


Estate Agent – “Dear Caroline, my client thanks you for your offer and counters that she expects to realise £1.5m for her property. She therefore rejects your offer of £1.2m but invites you to make an offer for £1.5m.”
Caroline – “Hmm. I might be able to go to £1.25m”


Estate Agent – “Dear Caroline. I fear you may be chasing heated-up fantasies that have already been rejected by my client.”

Presumably at this point Caroline sighs in defeat and offers the full £1.5m?

Happily, some of our MPs are not imbeciles who have seemingly no understanding or experience of what a negotiation is, and are aware that just because a counter-party rejects an offer today does not mean they may not accept it tomorrow.

After all, if Christopher Biggins offered to pour water into my mouth for £100 today I would reject that offer. But if he offered to do it after I’d spent three days in the Sahara without a drink, I might go for it?

I understand that Caroline Lucas has never had a job in the real world (unless you include her time at government-funded Oxfam) and therefore probably cannot comprehend how negotiations work, but given that fact might we reasonably expect her to have greater modesty on this subject?

Of course not – it’s a rare Leftie who admits to their comprehensive ignorance of how the real world works.

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5 years ago

‘Happily, some of our MPs are not imbeciles..’

Supporting data please.

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