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Sod You Sally

In the 2013 sci-fi thriller Oblivion, Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper, a lowly mechanic on Earth under the command of a Mission Controller Sally on board an orbiting space station – “The Tet”.

He patrols a devastated and deserted post-war Eastern seaboard keeping a drone fleet functioning and able to defend the hydro-rigs, giant mechanical devices that suck up water from the oceans for transport to a human colony on Titan, one of Neptune’s moons.

His ongoing nemeses are the Scavs – remnants of a long-defeated alien horde, who exist in the shadows and periodically emerge to sabotage the drones and hydro-rigs.

He’s a working-class hero.

Except nothing is what it seems (spoiler alert)

There is no colony on Titan, and The Tet is actually an alien spacecraft in orbit that is using Jack to stand guard as they plunder his corner of the planet. And the Scavs are not the remnants of the defeated alien hordes as he believes, but the remnants of humanity, driven into hiding by the aliens and their merciless drone fleet, which Jack works tirelessly to maintain for them.

Everything he believes is wrong – he has been deceived and manipulated by the enemies of humanity.

He is their useful innocent.

As the story unfolds, Jack starts to have doubts about the official story provided by Sally on The Tet, and seeks out the Scavs. They reveal to him the depth of the deception, and his own unwitting role in subjugating his own countrymen.

Appalled, he switches sides and assists in the plan to defeat the Tet and its fleet of planet-ravishing devices.

You see where I’m going with this.

Remainers are Jack Harper – they believe themselves to be fighting the good fight against Brexit and populism, and they work tirelessly to progress the goals of the EU and the British establishment that loves it (and their privileged positions within it) so much.

They have been told that Brexiteers are Scavs.

But some of them are waking up and starting to have doubts about the European Union – they are starting to question the official stories they have been told about Brexit and the future of the European Union.

They are starting to understand that the EU and the British establishment are in collusion, and have been pillaging our country.

Some of them are starting to realise that they have been working for The Tet.

Soon I hope they will all realise that they have been deceived and manipulated, and join Brexiteers in demanding our country back.

And when the EU explodes into fragments, we will all say “F**k You Sally”.

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Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
2 years ago

Good timing, it’s on Film4 right now.

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