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Brexiteer Naivete

Brussels is not run by democrats.

It is run by ex-communists determined to have a second shot at their statist dream – many of them emerged from collapsing Soviet states when the Soviet Union ended in 1989, and found jobs at the EU in the following years.

So given that most of these people were used to the politicking of Soviet satellite states, why did naïve Brexiteers like Hannan and Farage ever expect them to fight fair?

I mean, they keep it clean while winning, but as soon as they start losing, the gloves come off and they start in with the bribes and the blackmail and the threats.

First the carrot, and if it turns out you have a moral backbone, the stick.

If that doesn’t work, the threats – ask Tsipras what it’s like to be locked in a room for a week while the Germans shout at you while a light is shone in your face.

But of course Britain is not Greece – compared to the rickety wagons that Tsipras and Varoufakis circled, Britain is an impregnable fortress of gleaming white stone with battlements, murder holes, iron portcullises, and a moat filled with sharks. On a hill. Made of granite.

There was no taking that with a frontal assault, so the EU adjusted their tactics.

Knowing that that the only way to take such a fortress was from within, they instead focused on betrayal.

Leaning on their man in Whitehall, they convinced him to step aside – a new Manchurian Candidate was needed to lead the British people down the garden path, and they knew exactly who they wanted.

Someone malleable, dull, uninspired – guaranteed never to grow a spine.

Someone who “understood the big picture” and was well-versed in globalism, with a familiarity of the ways in which they manipulate the narrative. Someone who has served globalists goals previously within the world of money, surveillance and immigration policy.

Yup – call for the Gypsum Lady, Treason May.

A globalist stooge, in short.

Up she steps, and after a few media hit-jobs on her final rival, she’s the Tory Party leader and the British PM.

Add Remainer Phil the preferred “medical equipment exporter” of the World Bank and their pet third-world despots, create a nonsense department into which you can herd all the troublemakers and sideline them, and you’re in business – the steady betrayal of Brexit can begin.

And so she has – at no point has Treason May asked the EU for a thing, and at no point has she denied them anything they’ve asked for. She is as naked a fifth columnist as you will ever see in geopolitics – short of actually wrapping herself in the EU flag at the height of the negotiations, she could not rub your face in her allegiances any more proudly………


Let’s be clear – the British PM and her Chancellor are loyal to the EU, not Britain.

At no point have they ever intended to allow Britain to leave the EU, and as I have explained at length, it has been crystal clear for some time how they intend to do it.

Offer a toxic cake of a deal that keeps us in the EU, but call it the Withdrawal Agreement anyway.

Chuck some nasty little cherry on top that you don’t care about removing later, but that will be impossible for Britain to accept

Focus all arguments on the cherry for the entirely of the negotiations, to prevent close examination of the deal itself – a simple distraction tactic.

Simultaneously, dream up every alternative you can think of, and run scare stories in the media about each scenario for the entire period.

By the end, the British public will be so anxious about No Deal, No Brexit, a second referendum, a lengthy extension, a general election, a European election, running out of water, running our of medicine, ports blocked, traffic jams and no wine that British MPs will be able to pretend to be acting responsibly by supporting your “Withdrawal Agreement”. You’ll barely need to take the nasty little cherry off the toxic cake. You’ll be able to threaten to take away the cake and they’ll wolf it down, cherry and all.

And that’s where we are now,

Except for one thing……………………..the British people.

You see, the British people have a characteristic that has made them very very difficult to conquer over the centuries. And it’s a characteristic that effete Europeans with their pragmatism and realpolitik really struggle to understand. And it’s not courage.

It’s bloody-mindedness.

When told they MUST do a thing, the British people become…………..resolute not to.

Even when Viscount Halifax explained to Churchill that declaring war would mean thousands dead, enormous debts and the loss of the Empire, Churchill went ahead anyway.

And the British people supported him.

They would have supported a leader determined to defy the EU too, but sadly no-one of sufficient calibre could be found.

And they are now so furious with their MPs’ appeasement of the EU that Nigel Farage can be reasonably certain of a lot of votes.

Except of course he’ll never get them.

He seemingly doesn’t understand that the EU has no intention whatever of allowing European elections – the last thing they want is a Farage Clone Army turning up in Brussels to dirty up the place. They have no intention of allowing that to happen – the European elections are just part of Project Fear. Another threat designed to scare our MPs into voting for the Withdrawal Agreement.

Good Cop, Bad Cop.

But while the British people are resolute, their MPs are made of chinless stuff – almost all of them cannot tolerate the constant roasting they are being given by the EU, the media, and all the globalists and useful idiots in the British establishment. They will fold.

So it’s almost time for the fourth variant of the Withdrawal Agreement (let’s call it W4) to come forward, but now with the threat of European elections behind it. If there are still too many Spartan ERG/DUP votes against it, it will fail, the rhetoric will be ramped further, the Spartans will be demonised further in our media, and Treason May will bring forward W5.

At some point, the EU may water it down to make it more palatable and announce there has been a “breakthrough”. But at some point, the resistance to the Withdrawal Agreement will be reduced to the absolute minimum. And at that point, the EU will play their last card.

Europhile Labour MPs.

The more astute will have noticed that W3 received a handful of votes from Labour europhiles. Willing to “put country before party”, you see.

This is the EU plan – there are plenty of europhiles in Labour’s ranks willing to betray their country, Jeremy Corbyn be damned. Plenty of the europhiles in the Labour party are in Blairite Remain constituencies and don’t believe neo-Marxism is a vote winner anyway. They will desert poor old Jeremy to win favour with their new EU overlords, make no mistake.

So soon W4 will be upon us. And if it fails, W5.

One of those will pass, with Labour votes helping it over the line.

Theresa May will not resign – she is on the brink of a famous victory. She looks happy because she IS happy – she knows that her toxic cake is about to be devoured by our desperately craven MPs and her enemies are about to be confounded. If the EU are feeling generous, she might even be allowed to repair her legacy and take a victory lap before settling in to a nice cosy little job at the IMF or World Bank – her reward for a job well done.

Those who naively believed the EU would dash themselves hopelessly against the walls of the impregnable fortress will stand dismayed as the portcullis is raised by their own countrymen, and the EU hordes will pour into the breach.

Bill Cash will continue to bleat that it’s illegal.

Dan Hannan will continue to bleat that it’s anti-democratic.

And Nigel Farage will be left holding the tattered remnants of his Brexit Party standard, as it dawns on him and his backers that there was never going to be European elections for them to fight.

It was all just………………..Brexit Kayfabe.

The Withdrawal Agreement will pass on it’s fourth or fifth reading, and certainly well before May 23rd.

The mess this will create of our domestic politics is simply unknowable, but then Treason May and her handlers the EU have never cared about that.

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5 years ago

Alex thinks the government should always stay small enough to be drowned in the tub.

I couldn’t agree more! As for Brexit, that’s what my read of the state of play remains as from the very beginning.

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