Theresa May Has No Authority To Sign Her WA In Our Name

Theresa May and the EU have reached an agreement on the terms of Britain’s ‘departure’ from the EU, which involves Britain not departing from the EU at all, but becoming a vassal state, tied to the EU for the long term, unable to leave without the EU’s permission, a rule-taker but unable to have a say on the EU’s rules.

I say that any such agreement between the UK and the EU has no legitimacy or moral standing whatsoever.…

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Facebook Producing Insufficient Tractors

In the Telegraph yesterday:

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is now under fresh pressure to provide evidence on fake news and ads after politicians in the UK and Canada today jointly called for him to appear before an International Grand Committee in London.

In a letter penned to Mr Zuckerberg today, Damian Collins, chair of the Digital Culture Media and Sports Committee and Bob Zimmer, chair of the Canadian standing committee on access to information privacy and ethics said: “We believe that your users in other countries need a line of accountability to your organisation – directly, via yourself.

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Ash Sarkar: A Reply to Brendan O’Neill

According to the editor of Spiked, the right-wingers who criticised Ash Sarkar (the woman who said to Piers Morgan, ‘I’m literally a Communist, you idiot’ on breakfast TV) are as bad as Ash Sarker herself. ‘It’s the living, breathing definition of a spat in which you want both sides to lose,’ he said. We’d expect this sort of moral equivalence from the Guardian, but it was something of a surprise that it came from Brendan O’Neill, who is famous for his waspish attacks on trendy young urban leftists like Owen Jones.…

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News Headline: 23rd July, 2068

New claims have emerged that former US President Donald Trump, and British Brexit doner Aaron Banks, had Russian connections in the 2010s.

Veteran conspiracy theorist Wilder Shores made the claim after undergoing the latest hypnotic regression therapy thechnique recently made compulsory by President-for-Life, Her Holiness, the Re-animated Hillary Clinton.

‘I saw it all so clearly, it was definitely definitely Trump and some British frog-faced fellow who was drinking a big glass of beer, and the Russians and some aliens, and Trump and the British guy were being given chests of treasure and gold mines, and then the Russians stuck microchips into their necks to control them,’ said an excited Shores.…

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What Really Drives The Bastards Batty

The cliche is that it’s personal ambition that propels most politicians. Unfortunately, I think it’s true, at least for the biggest of them. What really drives most of them round the twist is not failing to get their policies enacted, but their ascent up the greasy pole being blocked.

For example, what really drove Anna Soubry mad was not the Brexit vote itself, but her being sacked from Cabinet. Same with George Osborne being removed as Chancellor.…

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Sample chapter from ‘The Biscuit Factory Vol. I: Days of Wine and Cheese’ by Hector Drummond

Semester 1

Week 4


Ren approaches the bar at the staff club. The weekly departmental seminar, where visiting guest speakers come to give a talk, has just finished, and as seminar organiser he’s glad to see the back of it. He needs to be poisoned, and the quickest way at present to get the requisite dose into his veins is to dilute the stuff and ingest it orally.

Today’s speaker has been a distinguished philosopher of science called Hedley Beagle from the University of Longford who spoke on the unreality of time, a topic which makes Ren rueful because the problem he currently has with time is its scarcity, not its non-existence.…

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Does the Tory establishment fear that Rees-Mogg is their Corbyn?

It’s clear that the wet Tory establishment is not keen on Jacob Rees-Mogg. On the surface that appears to be because he holds robust views that are at odds with theirs: he’s an actual Conservative, and they are, of course, anything but. But I wonder if there’s a deeper fear there as well: do they worry that if Rees-Mogg becomes leader then the party will slip out of their grasp in the way that Labour was taken over by hard-left, Momentum commies?…

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