Tax Frozen Libyan Assets To Compensate IRA Victims? Nope, No Way

There’s a suggestion that we should be using the tax collected upon frozen Libyan assets to compensate victims of IRA attacks. Attacks made, so it is said, by the Libyan provision of funding and weapons to the IRA, the thing which led to the freezing of the assets. To which the answer is No. And also nope and no way.

The point here being that whether or not there should be compensation is one question. Whether or not there is taxation of those frozen assets is another.…

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Thank God For Granny – You’re 50 Before You’re Mature Enough To Vote Tory

That the old and the young vote differently is true. Which is why we should all be giving thanks to Granny. For it’s only at about the age when one is likely to be enjoying that second generation of fecundity that one is mature enough to be voting Tory. As these two show:

Lord Knows we’re not entirely enamoured with the Tories around here these days but it’s better than this:

As the Mail goes into detail upon:

The Generation Why?

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