Not Good News For Zimbabwe – VP Mohadi Above The Law It Seems

A useful test of how well a country is doing is whether those who purport to rule it are subject to the same laws as everyone else. If not then you’re going to get – if you haven’t already – capricious government. Capricity not being a good sign in government. So, just as an example, the recent jailing of a British MP for lying in court is a good sign. No, not a joy at an MP lying, but that she was indeed charged, tried and sentenced just like anyone else would have been over the same issue.…

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Bashir’s Sudanese Cash Pile – What, You Mean A Dictator Was Corrupt?

Our word isn’t this a real surprise? And a turn up for the books. It’s turns out that Omar al-Bashir, the dictator of Sudan, might have been corrupt! Possibly, even, guilty of money laundering. And isn’t that just a flabberghast then?

Suitcases packed with more than £100m have been found by security services at the home of Sudan’s ousted president, it has been reported. Omar al-Bashir is now being investigated over alleged money laundering after the hoard of cash – in US dollars, euros and Sundanese pounds – was discovered while he was under house arrest.

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Anne Hathaway Explains Her New Diet And Fitness Regime

As we all know Anne Hathaway is she of the famously pointy elbows. As part of the publicity round for her new movie she’s been explaining her diet and fitness regime. She’s not drinking and she is eating meat again – or at least is pescatarian rather than the former vegan.

The tale is told in these two headlines:

Anne Hathaway Just Revealed The Reason She Quit Being Vegan


Anne Hathaway elaborates on why she’s done drinking: ‘It makes me unavailable for my son’

Put those together and we find that Anne Hathaway has quit being a vegan because she’s now entirely sober.…

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One Answer is “Get A Husband”

Jamie Dimon is interrogated:

And it’s an entirely reasonable question. Why shouldn’t the wages as a bank teller allow a bank teller to live?

Then answer being that the original question is misunderstanding what determines wages. What a bank pays to tellers is determined by how many people are willing to work as tellers at what wage. Sure, we can complicate that a bit by talking about how good those willing to work as tellers are going to be as tellers.…

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Entirely Missing The Point About British Land Ownership – Free Trade Already Solved The Problem

Gosh, isn’t it appalling that rich people own the land in Britain? This of course having nothing at all to do with cultural history, where the first thing any man did on becoming rich was to buy some land. But, you know, there we go, those who would reform the world never do trouble themselves to find out how it came to be the way it is.

Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population


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US Deports Widower Of Slain Soldier – Some Want Government To Have More Power

ICE, the part of the US Government concerned with such things, deported the widow of a slain soldier. Could be just par for the course perhaps, depends upon who she was fighting for. Well, that would be for the US, in the US Army. There is something to marvel at here.

No, not the action itself, mistakes will happen. No, not the reversal – a just and righteous reversal – of the decision. The wonderment is that there are those out there insisting that this very US government should be given much more power, should carry responsibility for many more things.…

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Harry And Meghan’s Birthing To Be Private – Thankfully

A slightly strange complaint here in a headline. That Harry and Meghan – variedly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Mr. Windsor and Ms. Markle dependent upon who you want to understand is being talked about – are keeping the birth of their imminent child private. Well, yes, we’d rather hope so. The days when royal births were public occasions are thankfully long gone.

Royal superfans criticise Harry and Meghan’s ‘disappointing’ decision to keep birth private as they vow to arrive in Windsor anyway

We do rather expect that the expectant can have a little privacy these days.…

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Which? Is Full Of It – Brexit Needn’t Harm Safety Gate Warning System

Which? magazine tells us that children will be strangled by their nightwear – if they don’t combust with it – if we are to leave the European Union. This is because there is a warning system which alerts trading standards officers etc to the existence of such products which would cause such harms. Ergo, only if we remain a satrapy of Brussels will children go unstrangled, uncombusted.

This is of course total tosh:

Brexit will spark flood of ‘dangerous toys, cars and household goods across UK’

Well we never, it’s amazing what those dastardly Chinee would like to do to our children, isn’t it?…

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Teacher Pensions Aren’t A Stealth Tax Upon Universities

The basic point about pensions is that they are deferred wages. We go to work, we gain compensation for having to spend our time at work. Some of that compensation comes in having an interesting – or not – job, some comes in wages, some comes in our pension. The combination of it all – including that nice comfy chair – is the cost to our employer of getting us to turn up.

Insisting that an employer funds our pension is not a stealth tax.…

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Musuveni Demands Uganda Remain Poor – Go Slow On New Technologies He Says

Yoweri Musuveni doesn’t seem to understand how a place gets richer – through the adoption of new technologies. Given that he’s President of Uganda and has rather more power than he should over what happens in that country this misunderstanding – to be polite about it – doesn’t bode well for the future. For he says that Uganda should remain poorer for longer than it needs, by insisting that it should be slow to adopt new technologies.…

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