Bollocks to Swinson, We Should Remain With Vince

Jo Swinson as leader is not the Will Of The Liberal Democrat Party. Less than half of the members desire her as leader.  Therefore Jo Swinson has no majority mandate and the LibDems should remain with Vince Cable in place for the beneficial future of the party – until that future can be properly decided.  Vinny is stable, secure, we know what sort of lunacy we are getting with him.  Although changing leader might open new opportunities the massive risks of driving the LibDems of a policy cliff edge into clearly outweigh the potential gains. …

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HMRC Blamed For EU Vat Hike On Solar Panels

According to the Grauniad those rotters at HMRC have done something totally ungreen:

HMRC pushes steep VAT increase for new solar-battery systems

Treasury proposes rise from 5% to 20%, while the tax on coal will stay at lower rate

Don’t they know there is a climate emergency on? The ‘Independent’ does:

Climate crisis: Huge VAT rise on solar panels makes installation ‘entirely uneconomic’, say experts

‘We could not have a clearer sign the government has failed to even begin to grasp the urgency’, says Green Party co-leader

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party told The Independent: “A climate emergency has been officially declared, yet we could not have had a clearer sign that the government has failed to even begin to grasp the urgency.

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Sir Kim Obviously Had To Go

The thing about an Ambassador is they should be a sort of interface between one country and the other. They should appear friendly to the natives, while pushing their own country’s interests. All the while sending home clear intelligent evaluations of the situation.

If any of those missives home became public then it is a disaster. The ambassador would instantly lose the ability to seem friendly to the natives. Unable to do their job they should either be recalled or, for preference, resign in embarrassment.…

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Scottish Citizens Assembly Self Selects For Indy Voters

Nicola Sturgeon wants to try a Citizens Assembly to set the future of the country.
Widely reported but here it is in the Speccy

The idea is to bring together 120 randomly-selected Scots to ruminate on the future of the nation…each member will get £1,200 plus expenses for six weekends’ work

So, 12 days work, £100 a day. Equivalent to £25k a year, a bit less what with being weekend work. Pretty much average wage then.…

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Scary Indy Headlines – Nuclear Edition

Soviet nuclear submarine emitting radiation ‘100,000 times normal level’ into sea, scientists find!

It’s actually quite an interesting story – Soviet nuclear sub wreck found, actual images, cold war secrecy etc. here.

But that deliberately scary headline, wow. 100,000 times!! It might lead the reader to conclude a nuclear explosion is imminent under the Barents Sea.

Except it is 100k times normal seawater. That is 100k times sod all.

It’s a vent on the sub occasionally wafting out puffs of more radioactive water.…

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Cut Carbon – Abandon Bitcoin

Bitcoin is more than a rather volatile imitation currency, it is also a huge energy monster.

The digital “mining” to create more Bitcoins and the recording of transactions uses up vast, crazy, amounts of electricity – something like 70TWh a year. That is about the same as Austria, say 20% of UK power consumption.  As an added horror much if it is done in China where most of the power is coal generated.

All that adds up to a CO2 output from Bitcoin stuff of about 35mt a year.…

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£90bn Worse Off (Under Certain Assumptions)

When our Pro-Remain current Chancellor declares “The UK Government will be £90bn a year worse off under No Deal” it should automatically raise some questions.

The £90bn is the forecast tax take difference for 2035.

Worse off than today?
No, this is comparing one growth forecast with another. The economy, and hence government take, will be bigger in both cases. It’s a “bigger” vs “even bigger” comparison.

What Compared To What?
This is comparing a forecast with a set of “No Deal” assumptions against one with “Status Quo” assumptions.…

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Landlord Paid £2.4m To Fix Up House Shock!

Public paid £2.4m to renovate Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Frogmore Cottage

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new home of Frogmore Cottage has cost £2.4 million of public funds to renovate so far, according to this year’s Royal accounts. The cottage has been remodelled from five separate living quarters into one large official residence for the couple and their son Archie, paid for largely by the Sovereign Grant.

OK who owns the Cottage?

The Queen put a whole bunch of properties that were officially “owned by the current monarch” into a formal organisation called The Crown Estate.…

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Mobile Phones As A Measure Of Poverty

There are frequent reports of rising poverty increasing use of food banks etc. Taken at face value you could be forgiven for thinking that a significant proportion of the population is destitute.

There are 14m in the UK in poverty according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, that is 22% of the population.

As ever the question is where you draw the line defining “poverty”, and it is a relative concept. If you chose to define “Poverty” as having fewer than 2 Rolls Royces, most of us will be “Poor”.

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Supply And Demand In The Love Island House

If you are not familiar with the reality show Love Island it is a simple closed economy experiment. Here being in one half of a viable breeding pair (“coupled up”) at critical time points is the key to continuing in the show. The ultimate objective is post show economic success through internet stardom and vast product endorsement revenue.

At each critical time point existing couplings are neutralised and either males or females take it in turns to select their partner for the next round.…

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