Today’s Project Fear On Brexit Response – C’Est La Connerie


Project Fear tells us that the moment we actually leave the European Union then the country will grind to a halt. Brexit will cause medicines to be undelivered, food to be undeliverable. We’ll all fall over from plague and starvation as Dover, Ramsgate, Harwich, Felixstowe and all jam up with lorries awaiting their paperwork checks.

At which point someone who actually knows about the subject under discussion:

No-deal lorry mayhem at Dover and Calais? ‘C’est la bullsh**’ replies French ports chief

Reasonably emphatic, isn’t he?

The head of the French channel ports has dismissed warnings of Brexit chaos on the Dover-Calais trade route as irresponsible scare-mongering by political agitators. “The British authorities have been doing a great deal to prepare. People say they are asleep but I can assure you that they are highly professional and they are ready,” said Jean-Marc Puissesseau, president of Port Boulogne Calais. “There are certain individuals in the UK who are whipping up this catastrophism for their own reasons. This has provoked a lot of concern but basically ‘c’est la bullsh**’. Nothing is going to happen the day after Brexit,” he told The Telegraph.

There being a certain logic to this of course.

Imagine that the country does begin to starve as a result of the need to get the paperwork in order. Hmm, now, what’s a government going to do in such circumstances?

OK, now let’s try the question again, what’s a government not entirely staffed by anal retentives going to do in such circumstances? They’re going to waive the paperwork so that the peeps can eat, aren’t they? And if we do happen to have a government of anal retentives who won’t do this then we’ll fairly rapidly have that lamppost and piano wire method of changing government being deployed.

For there’s something that the past couple of centuries of peace and rising prosperity have led us to forget. There was a least a millennia there where the power relationship was the right way around. The government of England was always in fear of the people of England. This being as it should be of course and this being as it will be again if they do anything particularly stupid. Like, you know, insist that no Danish bacon be allowed to enter the country because they’ve not printed the correct forms to import Danish bacon as yet.

Which is the real reason that Brexit’s not going to work out like Project Fear insists it will. Because we’ll be doing that thing we’ve not been doing that much, starting to speak. Loudly, and to the point – the point of the varied mattocks and pitchforks we’ll be using to emphasise those points. Jo should look out as there might be some ignition of brands – perhaps Russell too.