The EU Are Much Too Modest About Their Products

Clear product labelling is so important – consumers need information in order to be able to make rational decisions about the products they buy and consume.

The origins of products is particularly important, and as a proud European I feel that the Soviet European Union has for too long been overlooked in the vital role it plays in bringing to our supermarket shelves some of the best products in the world. Commonly, wine labels will say “Produce of France” or Produce of Spain” with no mention of the Soviet European Union at all – this is scandalously nationalist.…

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Note To Owen Jones – They’ve Got To Commit A Crime Before We Lock Up Bankers

Owen Jones wants us all to know that the British justice system is horrendously biased. The rich get away with it while the poor are oppressed. One part of his evidence being that no one’s gone to jail for causing the Crash. The problem with this as a piece of evidence is the manner in which we – no doubt in some horrendously neoliberal fashion – insist upon conviction for an actual crime before jailing someone.…

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The European Union Would Ban Us Talking About Bendy Bananas

The European Union is talking about disinformation, lies, on the internet during the recent European elections. What they really mean is that they want us to stop talking about bendy bananas. To the point that we should be forced to stop talking about bendy bananas:

Russian bots tried to influence EU elections, says Brussels

Scary, eh? As opposed to the full force of the Brussels “information” machine telling us about those same elections.

An initial report by the European Commission has found that bots and fake accounts traced to Russia spread false information online in the run up to the poll in an attempt to radicalise debate and amplify divisive content.

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Brexit Project Fear: EU Plans Metrification For Sporting Events

Our source in Brussels has confirmed that the EU is now considering forcing the UK to adopt metrification in all sporting events.

First up is the NFL, increasingly popular in the UK. The International series of regular season games, played 3 times this year in London, sold out within minutes.

The EU is said to be considering banning it on the grounds that it doesn’t fit the EU’s regulatory standards on measurements and that everyone should do what they say, regardless.…

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