NHS Alexa

From our correspondent in Swindon:

From The BBC

Worried about a lump? Got a nasty cough that won’t budge? Many people Google queries about such symptoms daily – but now they can get NHS advice instantly by asking Amazon’s Alexa.

The voice-activated assistant is now automatically searching NHS web pagesto find answers to medical questions.

And the government hopes it will reduce the demand on human doctors.

Sounds awesome. Especially if you’ve spoken to people involved with technology for the blind who say that the Alexa isn’t just massively cheaper than dedicated devices, but better.
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Amazon Soon To Offer Free Parrot With Every Alexa

Well, OK, this might not be what Amazon is doing, might not be what Amazon will do but there’s certainly a case to be made that this is what Amazon should do – hand out a free parrot with every Alexa. For, as we know, Parrots like to repeat the sounds they hear – no, we don’t think that they’ve the brain to know what they’re saying, they’re mimics, no more. So, we order things from Amazon by talking to Alexa.…

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