America’s Mass Shootings Aren’t About Race – Nor, Therefore White Supremacy

An interesting piece out of academia looking at mass shootings in the United States. Some, obviously enough, are carried out by nutters. What people are nuts about – white supremacy for example – can vary. But given that the race of the perpetrators rather closely matches the racial mix of the country that’s because it’s what nutters are nuts about, not that the series of events is driven by that idea of or longing for white supremacy.…

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America’s Disappearing Middle Class – They’re All Getting Too Rich

It is true – which is something of a first for electoral complaints – that America’s middle class is getting smaller. However, the problem isn’t that people are becoming poorer and thus dropping out of it. Rather, they’re becoming richer and moving on up out of the middle class.

Which isn’t, when you come to think of it, all that much of a problem:

As Mark Perry points out:

Yes, the “middle-class is disappearing” as we hear all the time, but it’s because middle-income households in the US are gradually moving up to higher income groups, and not down into lower-income groups.

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Angelina Jolie For President – She’d Not Win, She’d Be Terrible If She Did

Angelina Jolie has indicated that she’d like to run for President – presumably of the United States. This is perhaps not a good idea for Ms Jolie nor for the United States. She’d not win an election despite quite obviously having the name recognition thing and she’d be entirely terrible if she did. The problem being there’s no there there – it’s the purported Ronald Reagan problem writ large. Those whose living is made reading out the words of others tend not to have the internal thought and decision making processes to do proper politics.…

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