The Importance Of Bananas In Socialism

The importance being that of course they don’t have any. Even Cuba, a tropical island fer cryin’ out loud, is not replete with the freely growing tropical fruit.

All of this was well known in Germany and was even used as a marker of the difference between the two ruling systems.

That such a basic commodity was a luxury good in East Germany tells you all you need to know about that system’s manifest failings.

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The European Union Would Ban Us Talking About Bendy Bananas

The European Union is talking about disinformation, lies, on the internet during the recent European elections. What they really mean is that they want us to stop talking about bendy bananas. To the point that we should be forced to stop talking about bendy bananas:

Russian bots tried to influence EU elections, says Brussels

Scary, eh? As opposed to the full force of the Brussels “information” machine telling us about those same elections.

An initial report by the European Commission has found that bots and fake accounts traced to Russia spread false information online in the run up to the poll in an attempt to radicalise debate and amplify divisive content.

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Brexit Will Make Hearts Pop – More Drivel About Food Imports

If only we had some method of working out what the effect of something might be. You know, something like that mythical science stuff that other societies sometimes use. Then we’d have people able to analyse what would happen if we tweak some aspect of our world. Why, we could even call them scientists.

Instead of whatever drivel it is which produces this:

Any type of Brexit deal threatens to result in thousands of extra deaths from heart attacks and strokes because the prices of fruit and vegetables are set to rise, according to researchers.

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Greenpeace Is Complaining About Bananas Into The Pacific From Fukushima

That Greenpeace is more than a little crackers about radiation is something we all should know. They complain about trivia, things that are tiny fractions of addition to the radiation we all absorb every day. Levels of radiation that we’ll not actually be able to monitor, things that will make no difference at all to any man nor beast.

But, you know, that’s Greenpeace. Their latest being worries about the release of radioactive water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean.…

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