Danielle John Hasn’t Been Sanctioned 229 Days For Missing A Meeting

The Observer gives us the tragic tale of benefits sanctions in Britain today. The bastards, the bastards:

Last week, a woman’s sanction letter from the Department for Work and Pensions went viral on Twitter. Danielle John, from Cardiff, simply wrote: “Was told to put this up on Twitter… this was because I had a miscarriage and missed appointment.” These stories are fairly common now. We are used to seeing reports about people being sanctioned because of attending a funeral/cancer treatment/their child being in hospital.

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What A Weird Left Wing Complaint – The Rich Pay For Stuff

There are times when arguing with the British left is like handling a truculent teenager = which most of them are of course even if not necessarily in years. You try logic, facts, reality, end up with just a huff, a stamped foot and a cry of “But it isn’t fair!”

Still, we can try a little bit of logic on this particular complaint from Aditya Chakrabortty. Now, do remember, this bloke writes The Guardian’s economic leaders.…

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What Google Teaches – As Unemployment Benefits Run Out, The Unemployed Job Search More

As has been pointed out more than once near the entirety of the social sciences is either obvious or trivial – the exception being Ricardo on comparative advantage. This would mean to a mathematician that none of the social sciences are interesting – as they weren’t to the mathematician who asked the original question. However, there’s still value even if it’s not quite as great as the answer to how to cut pizza – piearesquared.

If we limit ourselves to economics, clearly the only one of the social sciences with any value, it’s not so much whether an effect exists or not which is important.…

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Immigration Is Economically Positive – But It Depends Which Migrants And How

Economists have long insisted that migration is positive. Even if for no other reason that the migrant herself is clearly signalling that she believes it is by doing the migrating. There’s also a certain shyness over whatever cultural issues there might be. The get out being that economists don’t really get to comment on those, only upon the economics. Further, this isn’t a normative subject, it’s a positive one – not you should, but it is.

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This Propensity To Truck And Barter Really Is Prehistoric

We might even define this international trade stuff as being something human beings do as soon as they can. And every example we know of makes the humans who do it richer too:

Trade and growth in the Iron Age

Jan Bakker, Stephan Maurer, Jörn-Steffen Pischke, Ferdinand Rauch 22 August 2018

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