The Idiocy Of Tech Companies Doubling Female Managers By 2022

There’s odd, there’s silly and then there’re public targets about the gender gap. It is, I’m sorry to have to say, idiocy to be setting targets for how many female managers there are in tech companies. So what in buggery is it that people are doing here?

Tech giants vow to double the number of female managers by 2022

They’re following fashion that’s all. Society has a head of steam up about how appalling it is that the lovely, well paid and comfy jobs atop Big Tech companies – you know, the ones that make dynastic fortunes – are largely held by men.…

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Not Important If True – Big Tech Server Farms To Be 10% Of Global Emissions Soon Enough

We have a fairly fundamental inability to understand matters climate change in this complaint here. The argument is that the server farms of Big Tech are going to be contributing some 10% or so of all global climate change emissions soon enough. To which the correct response is, well, so what?

Because the point is not to have no climate change emissions, nor to have no climate change. Rather, we’re trying to have the maximal possibly utility of human beings over time.…

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Tech Tax Bills? Don’t Fret ‘Em

That the European want to tax Big Tech a great deal more is true. That international tax law has already been changed means that it’s not going to make that much difference to the tech companies. As I explain elsewhere:

Trying to entirely dodge the UK tax system no longer works. There’s also all that political pressure to be paying more. The thing is, that deductibility of foreign taxes paid is still there. As far as Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is concerned now, it’s going to have to pay taxes somewhere.

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