It’s Official, Venezuela Is Only 23rd Worst Hyperinflation – So Far

Good news here for those who would see Bolivarian socialism as anything other than a total disaster – Venezuela’s inflation is only the 23rd worst hyperinflation so far. So far in that of course it can still get worse but also in that you just wait and see until Jezza gets elected.

So, you know, Huzzah and all that:

58 Episodes of Hyperinflation (Venezuela is #23)

In more detail:

At present, Venezuela is the only country experiencing a hyperinflation.

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Congratulations To Socialism – Venezuela’s Inflation Half A Million Percent, To Rise Another Million

For a socio-economic system which has never actually managed to work anywhere it has been imposed socialism still manages to gain an awful lot of adherents. Perhaps people are misreading that definition of lunacy – it’s not that you should keep doing it, it’s that expecting a different result is the lunacy.

Do note something important here, Voluntary socialism works just fine. All human families work this way for example, from according to ability, to according to need.…

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Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism – Venezuela’s Inflation to 1 Million Percent This Year

It’s really quite remarkable the number of European – and a few American too – leftists standing around with the “What, Who, Me?” look on their faces as we survey the rubble of Venezuela’s economy. It was only a few short years ago that the Bolivarian revolution was a shining guide to what the more progressive movements could and should aspire to. Greece’s Syriza, Spain’s Podemos, parts of Britain’s Labour Party (Jezz Corbyn and Owen Jones for a couple), even a couple of Beltway Bandits.…

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