Government Owned Banks – Sure Politicians Use Them As Goodie Bags

On the one hand we could say that government owned banks merely allow the government to push forward the government’s agenda. Perhaps a useful addition to their powers to shape the economy. An alternative explanation of the very same actions would be that politicians get to use government owned banks as bribe buckets. That second being rather closer to the truth of what actually does happen:

Lending cycles and real outcomes: Costs of political misalignment
Çağatay Bircan, Orkun Saka 10 May 2019

Government ownership of banks can help solve credit market failures and stabilise the supply of credit over the business cycle.…

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Tsk Tommy Robinson, Tsk – You Bribe Voters With Other Peoples’ Money, Not Your Own

A useful example of the naivety of Tommy Robinson – aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon – here. Or perhaps an example of how he’s entirely outside that political establishment. For he’s not learnt the first thing about how to actually do politics – you bribe the voters with other peoples’ money, not your own. I mean really, imagine not getting that?

Tommy Robinson holds political rally and barbecue in Wythenshawe
It’s estimated that about 300 people turned up to hear the controversial former EDL leader speak

300 is not bad for an election rally to be honest.…

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Of Course Ghana Can Eliminate Corruption – Just Make It Not Worth It

The Attorney General has said that it would be impossible to eliminate corruption in Ghana. If we mean completely eliminate then yes, of course, we humans never manage to completely eliminate anything other than dodos. But if we mean get rid of it to the level where it’s simply not a problem, not something we even note any more, then yes, that’s entirely possible. The trick is to make it not worth being corrupt. Either reduce the rewards or increase the punishments until we get to that point.…

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Oh, The Joy, The Irony – Kenyan MP Johnny Savula Arrested Over Advertising Graft

In common with a number of other poor places Kenya is wracked with corruption in public office. This being one of the things which goes along with poverty, the government splashing the tax revenues into the pockets of the governors rather than just wasting it normally like all other governments. We’ve a story here though which is just joyous with the irony of it. One of the more populist of the current MPs, Ayub Savula, has been detained in a case concerning the lifting of part of the government’s advertising budget.…

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It’s Possible To Measure How Terrible Corruption Makes Public Services

Reprinted from VoxEU:

Public procurement: Discretion may have its limitations

Audinga Baltrunaite, Cristina Giorgiantonio, Sauro Mocetti, Tommaso Orlando 26 July 2018

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Karnataka’s Electoral Bribery Of Farmers Happens As Predicted

There are various ways one can dress this up. Hard pressed farmers are offered substantial relief from their crushing loan burdens for example. That isn’t the right way to look at it, of course. Instead this is the buying of votes in the regional elections, the price being paid for the farming vote amounting to the sum spent on relieving those debts:

Bangalore – Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Thursday presented the Congress-JD(S) coalition government’s maiden budget, announcing farm loan waiver worth ₹34,000 crore.

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Venal Toads At The Council Of Europe – Let’s Leave That As Well As The EU

The Council of Europe isn’t the European Union. You know, different name and all that. There’s an amusing part to this, the basic humans rights stuff comes from that Council, the European Court of Human Rights for example is not an EU institution, it’s a Council one. So, all that bleating about Brexit destroying our human rights is dangly bits, stuff and nonsense. There’s also an unamusing part to it, the Council of Europe is even less democratic than the EU which is going some for a system of governance.…

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