Isn’t Prem Sikka Just Full Of It Over British Steel

Quite obviously the failure of British Steel is going to be the result of neoliberalist capitalism. Well, when diagnosed by Prem Sikka of course. For everything is the fault of neoliberalist capitalism, presumably up to and including the dreadful lack of a decent pastie in the shops. This does not excuse though the manner in which the blame is assigned.

For Prem Sikka is actually an accountant, even a professor of the subject. Meaning that he should be able to read a flow of funds statement.…

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If Brexit Had Happened On March 29 Then British Steel Wouldn’t Have Collapsed

It was indeed Brexit that killed British Steel. But not the fact of it, rather, the way that it hasn’t happened yet. A useful reminder that the thing which kills economies is uncertainty. Often enough it’s better to do something, near anything, that to keep us all in suspense about what might happen. So it is with Brexit.

This is actually what British Steel’s collapse is being blamed upon too. Not so much that Brexit would have caused this or that to happen.…

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