A Corollary Of Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law is of course that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Corollaries of this include that’s why you should always ask a busy person to do the task for you.

Parkinson also had much to say about bureaucracies, but not quite this point:

Government expands to fill the pool of the governing class who need it. Rob, in comments.

We might slightly alter that to:

Government expands to employ the pool of the governing class who need it.

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George Monbiot Describes Neobureaucracy, Not Neoliberalism

George Monbiot wants to tell us that neoliberalism is the key to all that ails us. The problem is that what he describes is better thought of as neobureaucracy. This being one of he very things that actual neoliberals – you know, like me – specifically warn against. It’s that you cannot mimic, effectively, the workings of a market through the bureaucratic devising of targets and their imposition. Everyone will, inevitably, just game that system of targets.…

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As BT Shows Culling, Killing Off, Bureaucracy Is A Constant Battle

What was British Telecom has announced that it’s going to fire lots of people. Ah well, that’s the sort of thing that happens sometimes, right? Well, no, actually, that’s not the right view to take of the company firing 13,000 people. Rather, we should be bemoaning the manner in which this is so difficult, that it’s only ever one under pressure and worse, that it happens far too little. For what is actually happening is that they’re scraping the barnacles off the ship, culling the bureaucracy which inevitably grows in any large organisation.…

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