McDonald’s Unsurprising App Problem – Hackers Can Use It To Buy Free To Them Food

It is indeed true that stealing large numbers of McDonald’s hamburgers is unlikely to make you rich. They’re not exactly a viable currency and despite those stories over the years they tend not to keep well – not a good store of value therefore. But if something can be stolen a useful guide to human beings is that it will be stolen. So it should be entirely unsurprising that a McDonald’s app has been hacked and used to steal food.…

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Tsk Tommy Robinson, Tsk – You Bribe Voters With Other Peoples’ Money, Not Your Own

A useful example of the naivety of Tommy Robinson – aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon – here. Or perhaps an example of how he’s entirely outside that political establishment. For he’s not learnt the first thing about how to actually do politics – you bribe the voters with other peoples’ money, not your own. I mean really, imagine not getting that?

Tommy Robinson holds political rally and barbecue in Wythenshawe
It’s estimated that about 300 people turned up to hear the controversial former EDL leader speak

300 is not bad for an election rally to be honest.…

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McDonald’s Ditches The Fancy Signature Burgers To Focus On Quarterpounders

There’s an old saying that the cobbler should stick to his last. The thought being that – a last is the metal workbench that you shape a shoe upon – experts in something should continue to be what they’re expert in. Not try to go off and do what they’re not very good – or at all good – at. So here with McDonald’s. Sure, there’s a growing appetite for fancy burgers with different toppings and additions.…

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