US To Buy Greenland From Denmark – Maybe

Donald Trump has floated the idea that the United States should buy Greenland from Denmark. Apparently the Danes are finding the subsidies required to be a bit high so why shouldn’t the richest nation on Earth take over the burden? Or, perhaps, there’s a change of being able to piss off the Canadians.

It’s not actually all that stupid an idea. The US has in fact bought about one third – near a half even – of its land area over history.…

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Of Course The UN’s A Hotbed Of Voting Fraud And Influence Buying

Whatever else did anyone think the United Nations was other than a chance for the smaller ones to collect a little rent from the richer ones?

Dirty work: Buying votes at the UN Security Council
Axel Dreher, Valentin Lang, B. Peter Rosendorff, James Vreeland 24 November 2018

Countries that vote with the US when serving on the UN Security Council also receive more financial assistance. This column uses voting records in the Council to show that when these countries were US allies, they received more in US aid, but when the countries were not natural allies, they received more financial assistance from US-dominated international institutions instead.…

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