Should Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, Be Looking Over Her Shoulder?

Yvonne Roberts gives us the latest proof that the government is not your friend. For, again, we see that the biggest cause of having an entirely screwed up childhood is having one controlled by said government:

In his book The Disappearance of Childhood, the American writer and educator Neil Postman wrote: ‘‘Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” Last week, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) published its damning investigation into children in care in Nottinghamshire.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Plan Would Take Money From Black Schools And Give It To White

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to sort out the higher maternal mortality rate among black women in America. She’s going to fine hospitals that have high rates and give more money to hospitals that have low rates. Hmm, well, sure, incentives matter.

But there is a slight problem with this idea. Imagine that we applied exactly the same one to, say, high schools. We’d end up taking money away from schools with predominantly black populations and giving more to those with disproportionately white ones.…

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Why Britain Must Abolish National Pay Scales

We hear today that there are notspots of truly appalling health and social care in Britain. Obviously, this should not be. For two reasons, one being that isn’t the point of having the government doing these things so that we don’t get the patchy coverage which a purely market system would give us? The other being that clearly we’d much prefer if people did in fact get what they’ve been paying their taxes to get. It’s all a bit of a swizz if we’ve got to pay and don’t then get, isn’t it.…

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Automating The NHS Means We Can Have More Diversity Advisers – Huzzah!

It looks like the robots will be able to take on some goodly portion of the NHS care burden. Ain’t that great? It means we can now afford more diversity advisers. Of course, it might be that we don’t decide to have more diversity advisers, we might decide to have something useful instead like hemorrhoids (no, not cures for, people who cure, just hemorrhoids, still more useful than diversity advisers) but just the very fact that we could have more does mean that we’re richer through this automation:

Bedside robots could do swathes of the work now done by doctors and nurses, saving the NHS almost £13bn a year – a tenth of its budget – a major report says today.

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What’s The Over And Under On Tesla’s 200,000th Car Being Delivered On July 1?

The first and most important thing in all economics is that incentives matter. If you can grasp that and also get to grips with the second, that there are always opportunity costs, then you’re going to be doing better than 90% of the economics profession itself. But do remember that incentives matter, incentives really, really, matter. Changes in tax law have stopped people from dying for example.

No, really, there was one of those natural experiments, when inheritance tax laws changed at the end of the year.…

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