John McDonnell’s Proposals Won’t Reduce Child Poverty By One Single Tot Or Anklebiter

We’ve an interesting little example of people getting hoist upon their own petard here.

Child poverty, by any absolute standard, simply does not exist in today’s United Kingdom. We dealt with that absolute want back in the 1950s, thankfully. And yet we’ve got those who insist that the Tories (The Bastards!) would haul back the chimney stuffing and stale crust begging that so disfigured the land before we did.

At which point McDonnell suggests certain things he would do:

But poverty is on the political agenda, and has still not been completely eradicated, so what to do about it?

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Polly Toynbee And The Horrendous Rise In Child Poverty

Polly Toynbee wants to tell us that there’s been an horrendous rise in child poverty in the UK in recent years. Something so shaming that we should all go and vote Labour:

Gordon Brown is making thundering poverty speeches this week. “I remember Tia well,” he tells me, eager to help her. “I remember that Monday before the election. Both Cameron and [Nick] Clegg made big poverty pledges they broke immediately. The Liberal Democrat anti-austerity manifesto was a worse U-turn than on student fees.”

Brown, who cut child poverty by a million, points to the treatment of poor people since he left office.

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Child Poverty – The Plural Of Anecdote Is Not Data

We have an interesting attempt here to insist that the feelz is hugely more important than the reality outside the window. For that, at root, really is the claim being made here. Anecdotes from teachers about child poverty trump anything that we can actually derive about reality from the usual statistics. Statistics, in one useful sense, rather being the attempt to discern what reality is behind that wall of anecdotes.

Poverty is harming children’s capacity to learn and it’s getting worse, suggests a survey of teachers.

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Just Watch The Exploding Logic Here About Child Poverty

There was a time when the Observer was a rather better paper than The Guardian. It, not coincidentally, was when the Observer was still Liberal, as The Guardian had been and neither had yet been swallowed by the progressive liberals. One of the indicators of that difference was the willingness to actually think about matters, numbers and definitions, before spouting the fashionable line. And yes, The Guardian used to do that too, think, back in the Manchester days.…

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Gordon Brown And The Terrors Of Modern Child Poverty

We’re told that child poverty is at extreme levels, that this is the abandonment of a generation, even that this is a Sin on the Face Of Our Society. This is also all entirely balderdash. Child poverty is lower now than it ever has been in Britain. The truth is that Britain is a little more unequal than it was decades ago, a little less unequal than it was a couple of decades back. For what is being measured, what is being claimed, is all about relative poverty – that is, inequality.…

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Save The Children’s Idiot Report On Child Poverty In The US

Lordy Be this is a piece of plain flat out idiocy from Save the Children. They’ve decided to do a report on the problems of child poverty in the US. Reasonable enough, there are indeed children out there who suffer from poverty. In the US there are even those who suffer from more than just that European style relative poverty, living in households with less than 60% of median household income. Of course, there’s no one at all living in global poverty, that $1.90 per day per person which is the World Bank number for absolute poverty.…

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The EHRCs Report Into Child Poverty Is More Of The Obvious Obviousness

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has released it’s report into how the changes in welfare and benefits are going to influence poverty, especially child poverty. Their finding is entirely unremarkable – The Tories are reversing one of the major policies of the last Labour Government.

This is, you know, one of he points and purposes of having elections., So that, if we the peeps decide so, we can get rid of the bastards and their ideas and have some new and or different ones.…

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