Electricity Blackouts, Price Caps, No Coal and Renewables

Just a little thought really, sparked by this placing of stories on the Telegraph’s website:

Electricity problems

What could the connection be?

Possibly that price caps discourage investment in a sector. That planning the insistence upon no coal and the use of renewables leads to instability in supply – and thus frequency – both of which lead to the risk of blackouts.

Aren’t we all so lucky that the authorities have taken no notice whatsoever of the settled science on climate change and decided to solve the problem by having a carbon tax.…

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Of Course Germany Should Keep The Nuclear Plants – What, You Want To Burn Coal?

One of the great idiocies of the environmentalism of our time is the opposition to nuclear power. No, not because nuclear is lovely, or advanced, or that technological white heat. Rather, because we are also told that the biggest problem we face is global warming, Hey, it’s even a climate emergency these days. Actually, it isn’t, it’s at worst a chronic problem we can manage but hey, who wants to stand in the way of the milenarianism bus?…

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What Excellent News – All Climate Change Science Is Now Wrong

Of course, there are those who have been saying that all climate change science has always been wrong but my statement is rather different, that even within the terms of the debate at the IPCC etc all climate change science is now wrong. For the predictions of looming disaster depend upon one specific fact, one that is incorrect. No, not that CO2 doesn’t warm, or that climate has always varied and all that. Instead, there’s an assumption made about how the future is going to be.…

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Why China Does Build So Many Coal Plants – Decentralised Decision Making

The problem here is really the same as that of climate change itself. We, individually, have no incentive to reduce our emissions because we, individually, don’t have to pay for our emissions. The Chinese provinces face no costs to coal using plants and gain some privileges from allowing them. Thus more are built and that’s about it.

China overinvested in coal power: Here’s why
Mengjia Ren, Lee Branstetter, Brian Kovak, Daniel Armanios, Jiahai Yuan 16 March 2019

Despite leading the world in clean energy investment in recent years, China continues to engage in massive expansion of coal power thanks to policies that effectively subsidise and (over)incentivise coal power investment.…

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CO2 To Coal, The Climate Change Cure – Yes, Yes, But How Much Does It Cost?

An interesting finding here but one that doesn’t in fact solve our problems. Not unless and until we know the answer to that question above.

It is indeed interesting to be able to take atmospheric CO2 and turn it back into coal. OK, carbon at least.

Researchers have used liquid metals to turn carbon dioxide back into solid coal, in a world-first breakthrough that could transform our approach to carbon capture and storage.

Great, so now we’ve solved climate change, right?…

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