If Only The Multi-Cultis Understood The Cultis They’re Advocating

There’s a movement insisting that the university curriculums must be decolonised. This is idiocy.The UK has more foreign students than anywhere other than perhaps the US. The reason all those not-British peeps are coming here for an education is because they desire the British education. The very success at recruiting Johnny Foreigner shows that we don’t need – nor want – to have a more Johnny Foreigner friendly syllabus. Because what is it they’re coming here for?…

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How Depressing, Another Whitey Self Hating Myth Turns Out To Be Colei*

The number of things that the standard left wing narrative is entirely wrong about is of course impressive. But this one, I have to admit, is a new one on me. Apparently it has been a standard insistence – and who the hell knew this? – that poor peeps don’t suffer from depression. Or, perhaps, that people in poor countries don’t suffer from mental illness and depression. What looks like it, feels like it, tastes like it, is instead just a righteous and just reaction to the iniquities of colonialism.…

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Of Course African Soldiers Got Lower WWII Pay Than European

The latest exemplar of how racist and colonialist we all were back then is that Black African soldiers received less pay than White European ones in the various British armed forces in World War II. Well, yes, this is true and who would expect anything else? Wages in the areas of recruitment were lower thus wages paid to those recruited were.

Something important to understand here. Race itself was not the determinant of pay. A black man who served in a British regiment received exactly the same pay as any other person of the same rank in that same regiment.…

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It’s Possible To Make A Deal About This Racist, Oppressive, History Of The British Empire

The implication of this following piece is that the British Empire was nothing but racism and oppression, the history of which should be taught only in the starkest terms. There are no mitigating circumstances, it was all just terrible and we’ve got to insist upon that.

At which point an observation. Every nation, culture, which has had the ability to dominate the neighbours has done so. This was true of the Aztecs, Incas, Bantu, Mongols and all the rest, not just White – actually pinkish – Europeans over the millennia.

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