Stop Dribbling Woman – Jane Austen Wasn’t Underpaid

A little exegesis of how stories become garbled – and feminised – as they pass along the line. Here at Vox we’re told that Jane Austen was underpaid, wildly underpaid in fact, even by the standards of her time:

Apparently Jane Austen was wildly underpaid, even by the standards of her day! You just know she would have had something great to say about that.

That’s the entirety of the entry on Austen there, even though the headline is:

Jane Austen was shockingly underpaid compared to other authors of her era

There is a problem with this.…

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The Market Doesn’t Lie – Fewer Female And BAME Characters In Picture Books

Sure, we could say that only white characters turn up in picture books because the printing ink’s cheaper. But that would be to be facile and jejeune, most unlike us around here. The Guardian is telling us though that there are fewer female and BAME characters in picture books this year.

Which might be a problem, might not be, entirely up to you to decide that for yourself. The thing to remember here though is that markets don’t lie.…

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If Only The Multi-Cultis Understood The Cultis They’re Advocating

There’s a movement insisting that the university curriculums must be decolonised. This is idiocy.The UK has more foreign students than anywhere other than perhaps the US. The reason all those not-British peeps are coming here for an education is because they desire the British education. The very success at recruiting Johnny Foreigner shows that we don’t need – nor want – to have a more Johnny Foreigner friendly syllabus. Because what is it they’re coming here for?…

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Authors Not Offering Lower Royalties For Waterstones Living Wage

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one at all various non-thinking authors are demanding that Waterstones pay a living wage without varied non-thinking authors actually offering to pay any of it themselves. Now, that does really surprise, doesn’t it?

But that is what they’re doing. Demanding and not offering:

More than 1,300 writers including Kerry Hudson, David Nicholls, Sally Rooney, Michael Rosen and Val McDermid have backed a campaign for Waterstones booksellers to be paid the living wage.

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Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay – A Proof The American Dream Exists And Works

The American Dream is that idea that in a free society you can indeed get ahead. Starting from near whatever point you can, by dint of work, application and that modicum of luck necessary in any human life gain a proper foothold on the economic ladder. Can, in fact, move up to the sort of riches and security which were nothing but a dream to earlier generations – and to distressingly large numbers of people out there in other countries.…

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Continental Telegraph Books Of 2018 – How To Spend The Christmas Cash

Twenty Eighteen has been an interesting year in Politics, Sport and, well, life. But with this list we’re taking it back to basics. Books glorious books. Heres a list of the best ones we read in 2018. They weren’t all necessarily released this year but we hope you enjoy as much as we did.

You can purchase them using the links below. Continental Telegraph will receive a small (5%) referral fee, which won’t cost you any extra.…

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