Michael Cohen’s Testimony to Congress On Trump – Where’s The Beef?

Reading through Micheal Cohen’s prepared statement to Congress concerning Donald Trump it’s really rather difficult to see what the actual beef is. Oh, I don’t mean that Trump’s a nice man nor that I would be happy to be a subcontractor to him – there’ve been too many convenient bankruptcies for that. Rather, this is all being touted as proving high crimes and misdemeanours. And, well, it’s tough to see what they are:

Cohen testimony on Trump: From chilling racism to Russia collusion, the devastating claims that could hasten president’s White House exit
Statements from leader’s long-time consigliere have potential to gravely damage his chances of remaining president

No, it’s not that I’ve no morals nor standards.…

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Of Course Ocasio Cortez Is Shocked – Payment For Line Holding Is Rationing By Price

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is shocked, she says, that lobbyists pay homeless people to wait in line for Congressional hearings. Well, of course AOC is shocked. This is voluntary exchange, this is how markets work – it’s also rationing by that most efficient method, price. Given that she’s either unaware of or disagrees with each of these parts of reality she’s shocked that this is how people operate.

Note that this is just what people do – this isn’t to say that this is operators manipulating or anything, this is just part of the operations manual for a collection of humans.…

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Congress Pitches For India’s Male Muslim Vote Over Triple Talaq Bill

An Indian election is a good time to see in the raw what is often done a little more politely, perhaps in a more restrained manner, in all other democracies. Those who have political power, those who would gain it, carefully crafting policies to appeal to certain sectors and or segments of the population. We’ve all got things we care passionately about, others we’re not much worried either way. The trick being to promise to use the things we care deeply about while annoying everyone else only on those things they’re not puffed over.…

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India’s Excellent Idea For A UBI – Pity It Comes From Congress Tho’

The Congress Party has floated the idea of a universal basic income in India – an excellent idea but it’s a bit of a pity given the source. For Congress tends to be the party adhering to the old, Nehru, style detailed management of the economy, precisely the thing that a UBI would blow up. Thus the assumption has to be that if they did implement it they’d do so badly.

As to why it’s a good idea – it’ll make India richer:

India’s main opposition Congress party has said it will implement a variation of a universal basic income (UBI) targeted at the poor if it wins the country’s upcoming national election.

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Modi’s Wrong, Farm Loan Waivers Aren’t Lollypops, They’re Electoral Bribes

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has hit out at the practice of granting farm loan waivers calling them lollypops (for English readers, lollipops). This is incorrect and Modi would do well to call them what they really are, electoral bribes. They are, of course, very popular with politicians around election time but then that just shows how political they are.

The basic problem here being that some 50% of Indians still are peasant farmers, working small plots of land of a hectare or three and reliant upon the mortgaging of that asset, the land, to provide the working capital for planting and so on.…

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The Mistake In The Federal Climate Change Report – A Dreadful Mistake

We’ve another climate change report out from the Federal Government. This is the one that Congress asks the executive to prepare every four years. And it’s this which is driving the headlines of another 3 degree warming by 2100 and so on. Yes, Aiee! We All Die!

Sadly, this report is wrong. Anyone believing this more worrying predictions made will also be wrong. For there’s an error in the report itself. And even more of an error in the reporting about the report.…

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Rep Steve King – Hey, Racists Have The Vote, Racists Deserve Their Representation In Congress

Apparently Representative Steve King is a racist, even a white supremacist. This according to ThinkProgress – you know the site run by John Podesta, the man who won the election for Hillary – which may or may not make the allegation true. I’m sure that ThinkProgress has managed to make some true statements over the years, possibly including the use of the word and or perhaps or. The result of this BadThink on the part of Rep King is that – according to Podesta’s posse – King should be thrown out of the House of Representatives.…

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Ocasio Cortez Can’t Afford An Apartment In DC – How Does Everyone Else Manage?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants us all to know that she cannot afford to rent an apartment in DC. The problem showing how the system just doesn’t allow the representatives of the working class to take their rightful place among the rulers. Or something. The actual problem being that her Congressional salary doesn’t start until January – on the reasonably logical grounds that her job as a Congresswoman doesn’t start until January, when the new House of Representatives is sworn in.…

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