Citizen’s Advice Spouts Nonsense Over Bills For Failed Energy Suppliers

Citizen’s Advice wants us to know that people are really very hard hit by the collapse of energy suppliers. It’s a terror, it really is. For people will now have to pay bills that they would have to pay anyway.

No, that is what they’re saying. If the energy company didn’t collapse then consumers would have to pay some amount of money. If the energy supplier does collapse then consumers will have to pay some amount of money.…

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So, Who Pays Trump’s Tariffs On China? Americans, Obviously And Of Course

One of the greatest failures of understanding in trade economics is who is it that actually carries the burden of tariffs. Who is it that actually pays them?

Donald Trump is insisting that it’s all China paying those tariffs on Chinese produced goods which are then exported to the United States. Which, of course, it ain’t. But he’s saying it:

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