Thank Donald Trump For Google’s Rising UK Tax Bill

Yes, yes, of course we know Orange Man Bad – but we should still apportion blame and credit where they’re due, as with the rise in Google’s corporation tax bill in the UK. For this has really come as a result of the changes in the American taxation system that Donald Trump brought in.

The thing being that hiding profits in the Caribbean doesn’t really work any more for an American corporation. Thus, might as well pay tax here in Britain for that can be deducted from the American tax bill anyway.…

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IMF’s Lagarde Entirely Wrong About Corporate Profits Taxation

That we might want to alter the system of corporate profits taxation is fair enough. But if we’re going to do that then we really need to be getting the underlying economics right. Corporate profits tax isn’t a method of taxing a company – there’s no there there. Taxes are paid, in the end, by the wallet of some live human being getting lighter. The study of whose is the study of tax incidence. A company is simply a collection of people, the taxation burden will lie on some collection of people inside and outside the company.…

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The Mail Is Dismally Ignorant Of Corporation Tax

The Mail on Sunday tells us that some alarming number of companies in the FTSE100 aren’t in fact paying tax in the UK. Which does seem a little odd until you realise who it is that they’re complaining about. Companies that are listed in the FTSE100, by the definition they’re using of course, but which aren’t in fact British companies. At least that’s true of some of those they complain about. The others are people who had big losses in the past and so don’t owe any tax as yet.…

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