Climate Change Might Cost Big Companies As Much As 1% Of Turnover! Shame!

Clearly we’ve got to do something about this climate change business. For a new report tells us that the horror, the terror, of using fossil fuels could cost large companies as much as 1% of their turnover. Which I think we’d all agree, would be a horror and a terror. For we all are aware that the only aim and purpose of our entire society is to enrich the plutocrats. Thus it’s back to the mud huts and shivering over the pease pudding bowl for we could not possibly live with the immoral action of reducing the return to shareholders, could we?…

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The Problem With Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act – Warren’s Not Very Bright

Clearly the Accountable Capitalism Act is the opening shot in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s run for the Democratic nomination for 2020. It’s just politics, not anything more substantial than that. Sadly though the bill itself, the purpose of it, shows the underlying reality. Warren’s just not very bright. She’s not managed to grasp the basics of how financial markets or the economy work.

She really does seem to believe that money paid out to shareholders somehow vanishes.…

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