Bit Of A Surprise, Glasgow City Council Called Incorruptible

Given the history of one party fiefs in local government the idea that Glasgow City Council is incorruptible comes as something of a nice surprise. Although it should be said that this hasn’t been said as praise, we should still take it that way.

The background is that the female workers there won a big court case. Apparently men working outside in all weathers were paid more than women working indoors with no heavy lifting. This was sexual discrimination and illegal.…

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So Grandpa Death’s Labour Party Doesn’t Understand Tax Incidence Then

Either Jezza Corbyn’s Labour Party doesn’t understand tax incidence or they think that we don’t. That second might actually be true by the way. They’re suggesting that domestic rates – or is it council tax now? – should be replaced with something more progressive, something that accounts for the size of house and garden rather more than the current system does.

There are going to be problems here:

Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled plans for a new tax raid on middle-class homeowners which will see those with larger family homes and gardens pay significantly more.

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Someone’s Got To Pay The Taxes Even If Labour Councils Don’t Collect From The Favoured

If we’re going to have government that swallows a significant portion of everyone’s incomes – and some vast chunk like one third of everything everyone does – then non-collection of taxes from certain favoured groupings is going to mean more tax being paid by everyone else. This seems obvious enough. And of course this is an argument used over there on the left. That if the rich don’t pay their “fair share” then everyone else has to dig deeper.…

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