Dawn Foster Insists Polly Toynbee Should Retire – The Column Blocker!

That’s probably the way we should read Dawn Foster today. How very dare the Reine Regnante of the socially caring left continue to block the rise to national prominence of younger, fitter, columnists?

Retirement should be a right. But it’s in danger of becoming a privilege for the rich
Dawn Foster

Of course, there’s a certain amount of dressing up the insistence but:

….more than twice as many people over 70 are working now than a decade ago.

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Why Is It That The Guardian’s Numbers Never Add Up?

Seasoned observers of the political scene will note that the Guardian’s pages are packed the gunwhales with stories about how this or that family, this or that group, are being cruelly oppressed by Tory Austerity. Dawn Foster and Frances Ryan seem to be making careers out of these sorts of pieces. The worry is that upon close examination their numbers never really do add up. We’d all actually be interested in any one of their detailed claims that do stand up.…

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Yes, It’s Economic Ignorance Day At The Guardian Again – Dawn Foster Edition

Now it’s true that we rational people don’t go to The Guardian for economic advice. Sadly it’s also true that all too many of those who rule us do indeed go to that pit of iniquity for their information on how the world should be. Then of course there’s Dawn Foster and her beliefs about reality:

Instead, we were gifted David Cameron’s assault on regulation. Cameron boasted that the corner-cutting and revocation of many regulations on building and business would save £500 per home built: a small sum in the grand scheme of things.

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