There’s No Time Left For Anything Other Than No Deal Brexit

For connoisseurs of political machinations there’s really nothing quite like the Brexit process. For as we enter the end game here it’s becoming ever more apparent that there’s no actual time left for anything other than a no deal Brexit. Which isn’t at all what those who have been planning and plotting were intending, not at all. But it is what they’ve managed to corner themselves into.

Take this latest from Theresa May:

MPs will be able to have a final vote on the Brexit deal by 12 March, Prime Minister Theresa May has said.

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The Effect Of Brexit On The UK Economy Depends On What We Do After Brexit

We have yet another report that Brexit is going to kill the UK economy, waifs will stray in search of bitter crusts and all will be woe with the world. We’re even told that Brexit will shave 4% of the British economy.

This is not, in fact, so. For what happens to the UK economy does not depend upon Brexit itself. It depends upon what policies we follow after Brexit. Brexit simply being the event which leads to the possibility of us radically changing our economic policy.…

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The Only Brexit Deal Worth Having Is No Brexit Deal At All

There is much mumbling in the world of public opinionating that Theresa May’s deal with the European Union is the only one worth having as Britain looks to leave the bloc. This is incorrect – the only deal worth having is no deal at all. Come 29 March the UK should crash out to WTO terms and thus be done with the mess.

Entirely agreed, I am an extremist on this matter, I am perhaps the only person who believes that the EU itself is a bad idea, one that no one at all should belong to.…

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What’s The Brexit Process – No, Not The Brexit Deal, The Brexit Process?

So, what actually is the Brexit process? No, not what is the deal on offer – terrible, obviously – but what is the process that anything agreed has to go through? It looks like this is all long enough that, well, no second referendum can be held just because there’s not time for that plus this ratification process. And the details of this process?

Best guess is still that we’re going to crash out without a deal.

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The EU Says It’s A Take It Or Leave It Brexit Deal – OK, We’ll Leave It And Leave

That dog’s breakfast of a Brexit deal that Theresa May is trying to get through, the European Union has insisted that this is a take it or leave it deal. To which the correct response is sure, we’ll leave it and we’ll leave. What is actually being offered isn’t in fact leaving anyway, it’s an agreement to be tied to the Brussels apron strings without any voice at all in what they insist we do. That’s not the action of a sovereign nation, that’s to be reduced to a lickspittle colony.…

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EU Bows To Inevitable Over Brexit Trade Deals

This is being trailed as some sort of come down from the European Union over Brexit and the UK’s ability to organise trade deals. It’s actually just an admission of obvious reality. We can negotiate and sign whatever deals we like whenever we desire. What we cannot do is have new trade treaties that come into effect while we’re still inside the EU. That’s as it always has been and is now. To understand this it’s necessary only to read the following:

Britain will be free to sign trade deals during the Brexit transition period without permission from the European Union after a climbdown by Brussels, The Times has learnt.

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